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The Editing Process Will Jarrett

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The Editing Process

The Editing ProcessWill Jarrett

TransitionsTo fit with the music we decided to use transitions that were soft in order to fit in with the music. When the music had sharp sounds we used quicker transitions between shots.

This is the symbol of the transition, as you can see it is quite long and this is because it is am soft slower transition that blurs form one shot to the nextThis is an example of the blurry transition effect.It blurs the screen, switches to the next shot then puts the screen back into focus. This allows the narrative to progress smoothly.


This is the music we used for the title sequence. We kept the music at the bottom of the timeline in order to keep it organized. We also faded the end of the song just as the knife is stabbed into the card in order to create a more shocking effect on the audience. This line shows how we limited the volume of the song in order to make it suit the eerie title sequence.

Adding the video and sound

This is the group of videos, music and sound tracks we uploaded onto final cut pro. When you upload them they appear here and we just drag and drop them into our timeline and they are added.


This is the captions we added to our title sequence. All it does it create a text box at the point in the timeline the arrow shows (in this case the arrow is directly below the word Feature) which can then be edited to suit our needs. We used a sharp font in a small size and put it into the lower left corner due to the fact that over the top credits would take away the audiences attention from the film.

Overlaying images

By placing a second video above a first the two overlap in the timeline. By then making the one at the front, the one the viewer can see, opaque the audience can see through it and see the second clip. We used this to show what our character was doing while the cards are being shuffled and moved.