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  • 1. Fallen Apple ProductionsEditing Process Part 2(Software: Final Cut Pro) Editing done by Orianne LungumaDeborahFakehinde

2. However because we could not use the other footage the slight issue makes the shot not lookAs you can see in this shot they continuous.both have their bags as theycome out of the classroom.Firstly we filmed both the rejection sceneand the classroom scene separately. And wehad to re shoot the rejection scene againwhich led to continuity problems. 3. We decided to add certain shots because we had to cut out many shots fromthe Chinese whispers scene show adding this scene helps the audienceunderstand the complication leading up to the climax. And the reason for thevery bitter and dramatic ending. 4. Due to some technical problems to do withthe tape we had to cut some part out ofthis scene. Also the reaction given by harrywhen he refuses to give money to thehomeless man. Was important but we couldnot go back to the same location again sowe decided to use another location .The issue with the shot is only of thehouses being by the side and now lookingback the low angle shot seems a bit to lowcomparing to where the homeless man issitting.