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These are the sounds we have recorded with a boom mic and transferred them onto the final cut pro program to match the clips we have filmedThis is the following clips we have edited, cut and matched to make our film flow throughout.I slowly started to learn how to edit and use the program efficiently and start editing the sound and adding audio to make our film more interesting for our audience.

This is the program I used in order to edit and produce our final production film of Hide and Seek. I did not know how to use the product but gradually learnt by teaching myself and asking for help when stuck on a problem. This meant I learnt new skills and developed throughout the whole filming processThis was where I picked the sound and also downloaded and put into the final cut pro product. I downloaded many sounds and picked which one would be the most effective for our film. It was hard matching out the music with the clips and I learnt how to match out the sound and clips in order for our final product to look professional.

As we had to redo some of our parts of the film as we accidently had people and equipment in the shot and we found and learnt we could crop and edit out the shot to take away the mistakes and make our film still look professional.I learnt that not only could we crop but we could change the color ad balance throughout the film to fit it and make it look better for the audience. We could use many effects to enhance the way our film looked in the end production.

For some parts of our film I used many different sound effects to increase and enhance the tension of the atmosphere and create suspense drawing our audience even more in.There were many different sound effects I could use and I chose ones which were effective for our film

I placed each characters in different locations and put this on the event library naming them all to make it easier for me to edit and choose which clip to use for our filmI also placed the sound in different folders for different characters making it easier for me to pick out which sound if needed and if the clip sound was not effective enough.The filming process did not always turn as well as we liked and so I tried different ways, shots and angles by taking retakes in order to make our film look as professional as possibleBefore the whole filming process as a group we decided to have auditions to help us decide which characters and people would be most effective for the roles in our film.

The opening of our film was our introduction of Hide and Seek me and Rawan looked at ways to make the opening look interesting and exciting. Our final product of our introduction is as shown below. We used these colors as although it is a parody we have many aspects of a horror film linked in our film. The red splatter as the background suggests blood making the audience curious as to what will happen during the filmWe changed the ink color to red in order to show the audience and give them a sense of danger and thrill.We made the background white in order for the red to stand out and the middle word a blackish grey color to suggest darkness and evil around the area.

The background of our ending credit scene is red in order to link back to our opening introduction of our film and also give a sense of danger still lurking amongst them, this gives the audience a satisfying ending to our final product.I also edited in the credits and gave the name of MHRA Productions as our own film company. Giving the audience an idea of what company were from and all the informationI put the title of our film in the middle and the biggest thing that stood out to represent and our film.I also put the actors in which starred in our film so the audience know and regard them. I also put them as a thanks as they were one of the main things we needed in order to make our film better and interesting.I also wrote in the credits of who was involved in the film making the directing, editing, script writing, product designer, product of photography and the casting.

I looked at the opening credits and ending credits and picked out ones that would most effective for our film. As shown in the PowerPoint's above of which ones I picked and why.I used this for the ending credits but changed the color to red in order to link more into our film. Whilst also pointing out the members of my group and the casting and actors of our film.

I used different video effects in order to make our film look more professional and link to our parody genre . I looked at the basics, blurs, distortion, keying, light, look, stylize and tiling as well as the audio.