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EDAS 735 Integrated Leadership. Week 5 Lecture Dr. Jim Lloyd. The Leadership Challenge. Leadership isn’t about personality, it is about behavior The exemplary leadership practices grounded in research Began in 1983 Model the Way Inspire a Shared Vision Challenge the Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Week 5 Lecture

    Dr. Jim Lloyd

  • The Leadership Challenge

    Leadership isnt about personality, it is about behavior

    The exemplary leadership practices grounded in researchBegan in 1983Model the WayInspire a Shared VisionChallenge the ProcessEnable Others to ActEncourage the Heart

  • Key Points to: Model the WayClarify Values & Set the ExamplePeople follow the person first and then the playwhy?CredibilityDWYSYWDDetermine your guiding principleswhat are your values?What is the greatLet people know what you believeopen your heartForge values around common principles & idealsQUESTIONhow did the Bank America guy accomplish this?

  • Intro Points to: Inspire a Shared VisionImagine the way it ought to be and begin to try and articulate what that looks likeleaders live their lives backwardswhat does that mean?Commanding versus Inspiring?Enlisting othersDialogue, not a monologueHow can you find out what your constituents dreams are?Articulate the vision at every opportunityExplain the visionWhy should others follow?How can they help?What does this mean for them?

  • Key Points to: Challenge the ProcessExperiment and take calculated risks

    Leaders search for opportunities to innovate, grow and improveLeaders are the patrons and adopters of innovation

    How is this like the Adaptive Challenge weve talked about?How can you be a pioneer?

  • Key Points to: Enabling Others to ActI instead of weCollaboration and building trusthow does this fit into the DLT and BLT concepts that were discussed in OLAC?P. 21not hoarding powerhow does this fit in with Defined Autonomy? How can you turn constituents into leaders themselves?

  • Key Points to: Encourage the HeartGenuine recognition of contributions

    What impact does this sort of thing have on culture and how constituents feel towards the organization?

  • Leadership is a Relationship

  • CredibilityThe foundation of leadershipWhat do people look for?Original study had 75,000 peopleHonestForward-LookingInspiringCompetentThese characteristics solidified the 5 Leadership Characteristics

  • HonestyEthicalprincipledintegritycharacter

    People dont want to be lied to or deceivedWhen you follow someone who has been dubbed dishonest, you feel as though you have compromised yourself

    Closely tied to values and ethics.

  • Forward-LookingVisiondreamgoalcallingSense of direction and concern for future of the organizationMust be clear and people must be able to connect to it.

    How can you as a leader exemplify this characteristic through your day to day actions?

  • CompetentTrack recordget things doneguide organization

    How can you as an administrator demonstrate competence on a day to day basis?

  • First Law of Leadership

    If you dont believe in the messenger, you wont believe the message

  • Second Law of Leadership

    DWYSYWDDo What You Say You Will Do

    The two operative words are do and say

    You need to clarify what you believe in (your values) and be an example of those values to others.