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http://xlearners.wordpress.com Rachel Karlsen. ED 561 Educating Exceptional Learners Workshop #1. Approximate Schedule. 6:00-7:00 Bible verse, meet n greet, overview of evening, overview of class, syllabus, website. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • ED 561Educating Exceptional LearnersWorkshop #1http://xlearners.wordpress.comRachel Karlsen

  • Approximate Schedule6:00-7:00 Bible verse, meet n greet, overview of evening, overview of class, syllabus, website.7:00-8:00 discussion/reading reactions, quickwrite, Freaks, Music Within, notes, classroom website8:00-8:20 break8:20-9:00 Inclusion Video, Jigsaw Activity9:00-9:30 Learning Disabilities video9:30-10:00 Share take aways, exit papers, Group work

  • Focus Questions for Chapter 1What basic laws and procedures govern special education and inclusion?

    What are the key provisions and guidelines of IDEA?

    As a classroom teacher, what are your responsibilities for your students with special needs? What systems and resources are in place?

    What concerns do teachers, parents, and schools have about inclusion? What are some opportunities and challenges in your inclusive classroom?

  • Focus Questions for Chapter 2What important issues in special education are addressed by RTI?

    Describe an RTI model including the components and implementation practices.

    How do screening and progress monitoring of students facilitate RTI?

    What is the role of the teacher in an RTI model?

  • (Can use next slide)Leviticus 19:9-11 When you reap the harvest of your land, do not reap to the very edges of your field or gather the gleanings of your harvest. Do not go over your vineyard a second time or pick up the grapes that have fallen. Leave them for the poor and the alien. I am the LORD your God.Gods perspective is that we are sharecroppers in his divine fields. Our personal property is not only ours. In Hebrew law, some of the crop was offered back to law. Some of the crop was left in the field to be gleaned by the needy. Every seven days, workers got a day off. Every seven years, the land was given a year off. Every fifty years, approximately, land was returned to original owners.When God set up his society, he set it up to reflect his heart. He set it up so that none of his people would have to experience poverty without limits. He set it up so that those traveling through would not be hungry as a guest in YHWHs nation. Point for prayer: How can your life and character reflect the hospitality of God?

  • James 3 (NIV)Taming the Tongue1 Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. 2 We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, able to keep their whole body in check.

  • Overview of First WorkshopIntroductionsSyllabus and ExpectationsAssignments due tonight Assignments due next weekInstruction adaptations: getting organized (expanding file, journal, common vocabulary, quickwrite)Foundation and history of special educationIDEA 2004 and Vocational Rehab ActReferral Process and the IEPInclusionTransition programsConsultation, Collaboration and Co-teaching ModelsWorking with parents of children with special needsCost of Special Education vs General educationWrap Up/meet with group

  • IntroductionsRachel Karlsenrakarlsen@warnerpacific.edu360-901-5297Mentor teacherMiddle School teacherSpecial Education K-12SALT (state committee for testing, data review, standards and curriculum advice)Technology Assessment Group

  • Its all about youPlease tell us:

    Your name

    Your experience with students with special needs.

    About your interview

  • Stand up if you.currently work in a classroomknow someone with a physical or learning disabilityplan to teach in grades K-4plan to teach in grades 5-8plan to teach in grades 9-12plan to get an endorsement in special education

  • Stand up if youhave been on a motorcycleraced motorcyclesown a hybrid carhave been out of the USbicycled across a bridge to another statehave went on a hot air balloonknow how many faces, edges and vertices a cone has

  • Thumbs up, thumbs sideways, thumbs downComfort level of working with students with learning disabilitiesComfort level of working with students with physical disabilitiesComfort level of working with students with behavioral disabilitiesFeelings or expectations toward this class (learning, activities, work load)Anyone want to share specific concerns?

  • Syllabus and ExpectationsResponse to emailAttendance (one absence, be prompt)Checklist for presentations, time limit (15-20ish minutes) see syllabus/websiteChecklist for papers, see syllabus/website Due dates/see syllabus 20% grade deduction if paper is turned in more than 24 hours after class nightNo late papers/projects accepted past Friday night (4 days late)Questions/comments?

  • Scoring.Presentation: Checklist/rubricTime limit must be adhered toIn file folder, on websiteReflections/Papers (can reflect all of the reading or only parts)Pumpkin yellow participation exit sheet: fill outscore yourself each nightPurple important moments sheet: for yousometimes I will ask you to leave them in the folderGrades: online, posted by Saturday night, almost always


  • Assignment due dates/Grading criteriaAssignment due dates, p. 10Grading criteria:Participation Reflection journal (p. 5) Interview/research person with phys. disabilities (p 6)Freaks movie/Music Within/your experiences (p. 6)Mid-term exam (p. 6)Final paper (p. 6/7)Final Case Study presentation (p. 6/7)Debate (p. 10)Learning team presentations (see checklist online)

  • Assignments due tonight (place in file)Read chapters 1 and 2 from textbookRead Balch, B.V., Memory, D.M. Hofmeister, D.R. (2008) Teachers and the law: Application essentials, general considerations, and specific examples.Write a three-page reflection/reaction to readings.Interview a person with physical disabilities/research a person who dealt with physical disabilities (5 page paper)

  • Assignments due WorkshopTwoFreaks paper or a four to six page paper detailing your personal experiences with students/others with special needs. You will also include how people with disabilities were treated before ADA/IDEA and compare employment opportunities of the 1930s with the treatment and employment opportunities for disabled people today. Learning team presentationTopics (see next screen)IDEA and the LawLearning DisabilitiesCommunication DisordersIEPs (physical, learning and behavioral disabilities)Include annotated references for each student, discussionFollow guidelines of a lesson plan (goals, info, activities, closure)

  • Sign up for presentation(p. 7 and 8) IDEA and the LawLearning DisabilitiesCommunication DisordersIEPs and RTIsQuestions? Ideas for shortened lesson plans? (See scoring guide, intro with learning goals, info/activity, a wrap up assessment, annotated bibliography..useful or not?)

  • Reading Reactions?Choose one quote you agree with and one quote you dont agree with.Share your quote and give reasons.Others opinions?

    Get ready for a seminar.(website/wall posters/clipboards/pencils)

  • SeminarInstruction Adaptationsgetting organized (expanding file, journal, common vocabulary, quickwrite)

    Seminar (Show website http://xlearners.wordpress.comExpanding fileJournal (Entry number, date, topic, page)See posters on wallCommon vocabulary, definitions:Sympathy: a social affinity in which one person stands with another person, closely understanding his or her feelings (wikipedia)Empathy: the capability to share and understand anothers emotions and feelings; having an emotional response that corresponds with another personStudents at risk are also students at promisePeople first speech/thought (student with autism rather than autistic student)Its what the teacher does that makes the difference in the classroom (End seminar with next slide)

  • Successes/ChallengesOn yellow sticky note: write about a success you had with a student with a disabilityOn a green or blue sticky note: write about something that challenges you about working with students with disabilitiesAdd notes to other wall posters

  • Quickwrite quotesJournal entry Quickwrite(Read Sparky p. 192-193, Chicken Soup..)Context: in the classroomA. Definition of fair: Everyone gets what they need to be successful (rather than everyone gets the same thing)Do you agree? How would this policy impact your teaching?The best place in the world to succeed is where you are with what youve got. Charles M. SchultzDo you agree? How would this idea affect the way you interact with students with special needs?

  • Higher-Order Thinking and Hands-On LearningIn a broad-based study (Wenglinsky, 2000) of National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) data, researchers found that, while teacher inputs, professional development, and classroom practices all influence student achievement, the greatest role is played by classroom practices.

  • For example(continued from NAEP study)Math students whose teachers conduct hands-on learning activities outperform their peers by more than 70% of a grade level.Math students whose teachers emphasize higher-order thinking skills outperformed their peers by about 40% of a grade level (as compared to lower-order thinking skills-..such as memorizationdrill and practice)

  • Freaks and Music Within video

    Treatment of people with disabilitiesCAUTION: Not for Kids or date night!Freaks: controversial movie. The title is upsetting. Uses real people with disabilities. Uses violence to show that the people without disabilities are the real freaks.Music Within: a more modern movie. R rated for language including some sexual references and some drug content

  • Cast of FreaksControversial movie because the actors/actresses were real people with real disabilities