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State of education in Balochistan is far from satisfactory. Society for Educational Welfare is playing its part to educated our youth in that province.


  • 1. Reshaping Lives Educating Balochistan A story of courage, dedication and passion to make a

2. Education in Balochistan 3. BARRIERS 4. BARRIERS to EDUCATION 5. Law & Order Situation Socio Economic Issues Traditional Values Low rate of literacy Lack of infrastructure 6. STAND FOR A CAUSE 7. At first it seemed 8. VERY DIFFICULT 9. to start a school 10. But then 11. We took the 1st step 12. Initially there were JUST A FEW 13. After a while 14. TODAY 15. Schools are not built to remain empty SAY NO TO GHOST SCHOOLS 16. Education is the RIGHT of every child 17. We did not stop Few years back we started ANOTHER SCHOOL 18. IS THAT IT? 19. YOU MUST BE JOKING 20. A privilege for the unprivileged A registered, non profit and tax exempted org providing primary education to destitute children of Pakistan