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Earth's Resources 4th Grade Slideshow


  • 1. Earth's Resourcesby: Heather Carter

2. Earth's Resources A resource is something we can use to make our lives better. The Earth has many resources that benefit us. We call them "Natural Resources." Some of the resources we get from the Earth are: water air sunlight soil plants animals rocks and minerals fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) 3. Brain Pop Jr. Natural Resources, Reduce Reuse Recycle, Rocks & MineralsClick on the image below to watch. 4. Renewable vs. Non-Renewable Some natural resources can be replaced within a few years or within a human lifetime. These are called renewable resources. Trees, sun, wind, and water are examples of renewable resources. They are resources we most likely will not run out of.Non-renewable resources cannot be replaced at the rate they are being used up. They take hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years to be made. Once they are used up, they are gone! Some examples of nonrenewable resources are the fossil fuels oil, natural gas, and coal. 5. Earth's Resources Interactive Click on the landscape below to learn more about Earth's resources. 6. Let it Grow! Click on the image below to watch. 7. Non-Renewable Resources Fossil Fuels: Click on the word to see a short video about each. CoalNatural GasOil / Petroleum 8. Brain Pop: Fossil Fuels Click on the image below to watch. 9. Why are Earth's resources important to us? 10. Earth materials are very useful to us. We use them to make our lives better. 11. How do we use Earth materials? 12. Earth Materials Used for Fuel Fuel is a material that stores energy for future use. (potential energy). You can kind of think of it like power. Coal- to make electricity or heat our homes Wood- an inefficient way to make heat or light Natural Gas- to make electricity or heat our homes Oil- to make electricity, heat our homes, or power our vehicles 13. Alternative Ways to Make Energy Without Using Fossil FuelsSolar PowerWind PowerHydropower 14. Earth Materials Used for Building Structures Iron- bridges and fencesIron is used to make steel which is then used for buildings such as skyscrapers. Stone- houses, fences Brick- (made from clay) houses, buildingsConcrete- skyscrapers Wood- houses 15. The Lorax by Dr. Seuss Click the image to watch. 16. Earth Materials Used for Enhancing Transportation Aluminum- airplanes, cars, bicycles Titanium- airplanes, cars, bicycles Sand and Gravel- making roads Clay- cement and concrete for drivewaysSteel (from iron)- bicycles, cars, trains, ships 17. Earth Materials Used for Making Products Oil- plastic products like your cell phone and PlaystationWood- paper, furniture Plants- medicine, food, clothing (cotton)Soil- crops for food Animals- food for humans, clothing (leather)Clay- plates, bowls, cups, flower pots, statues Copper- inside cords to conduct electricity 18. Brain Pop Jr. Rocks and Minerals Click on the image below to watch. 19. Discovery Education Resources (Videos) Learning About Natural Resources Geologists Notebook: The Biggest Treasure Chest: Our Natural Resources