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<ul><li> Seoul, South Korea Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideTwo local organizations, EcoMoms and Green Growth,mobilized the Seoul communityto learn about environmentalissues and pledge acts ofservice. Photo: Participants holding a massive replica of the official Earth Day 2012 Mobilize the Earth poster 1 Billion People 192 Countries Mobilize the Earth </li> <li> Kurdistan Region, Iraq Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideIn an effort to help Mobilize theEarth and to help theirconstituents embracesustainability, the KurdistanRegional Government plantedfive million trees across Iraq inhonor of Earth Day 2012 and ABillion Acts of Green. Photo: Kurdistan Prime Minister Dr. Barham Salih planting a tree on Earth Day 1 Billion People 192 Countries Were proud to be joining so many people all over the world who are taking action for Earth Day 2012. By planting these trees, were improving the environment of Kurdistan and the surrounding communities, but we also hope to set an example for the rest of Iraq, the region, and the world. -Dr. Barham Salih, Prime Minister of Kurdistan </li> <li> Chhattisgarh, India Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideLocal students listened to lectureson the importance of Earth Dayand made environmental pledgesto be included in the Tree ofLife. At the end of the daystudents painted their handsgreen and made a collagesignifying their unity for a saferand healthier planet. Photos (Top to Bottom): Students show their support for Earth Day; A young girl writes down her environmental pledge; students showcase their green hands for the environment. 1 Billion People 192 Countries Mobilize the Earth </li> <li> Oman Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideIn Oman, The Ministry ofEducation called upon everyschool in the Sultanate (7,000+)to take part in environmentalactions on Earth Day. Studentslearned about environmentalissues and gave speeches infront of their peers on theimportance of living green. Photos (Top to Bottom): Students prepareto hear an environmental speech; studentsand teachers get ready to plant trees in the playground 1 Billion People 192 Countries To protect our planet and its precious natural resources, we have to spread awareness about the grave problems they face. And this environmental education has to start at a young age. Thats why Oman is mobilizing for Earth Day by engaging our school children. -Ministry of Education in Oman. </li> <li> New Taipei City, Taiwan Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideMore than 10,000 peoplegathered in New Taipei City,including The First Lady of theRepublic of China, Mrs.Christine Chow Ma, to planttrees in honor of Earth Day andhelp build a beautiful naturalpark for the city.Photo: First Lady Mrs. Ma is seen planting a tree for Earth Day. 1 Billion People 192 Countries Mobilize the Earth </li> <li> Madhya Pradesh, India Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideStudents and villagers rallied inthe Kanha National Park to callupon world leaders to protectthe Earth. Participants plantedtrees, picked up trash, and gaveaway free energy efficient solarlamps to villagers. Photos (Top to Bottom): Villagers and students participate in the Rally; A village member is given a solar lamp 1 Billion People 192 Countries Save Earth! Save Life! One Earth! One Chance! -Students at the forest rally </li> <li> Fayetteville, Arkansas Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideFayetteville held 40 Days and40 Nights of events in honor ofEarth Day. From April 5th to May14th, 40 Days and 40 Nightsfeatured over 100 events,engaging residents and localbusinesses throughout thecommunity to mobilize andshow their support for asustainable future.Photo: Mayor Lioneld Jordan kicks off EarthMonth with a proclamation reading in front of city hall 1 Billion People 192 Countries Mobilize the Earth </li> <li> Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideIn honor of Earth Day, hundredsof skateboarders within theGreenskate community took tothe streets on April 22nd in SoPaulo, Brazil to promotelongboarding as a viable, eco-friendly method oftransportation. Photo: Longboarders assemble on the streets of So Paulo 1 Billion People 192 Countries So Paulo is one of the most troubled cities in the world when it comes to transportation and environment. With such a big skateboarding scene in Brazil, longboarding is an almost obvious alternative to avoid the traffic jams and reduce the pollution. A Greenskate Participant </li> <li> Dhi Qar Province, Iraq Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideOver 10,000 schools Iraq plannedEarth Day events to help Mobilizethe Earth. The Al-Nasiriyah HighSchool for Girls in southern Iraqhosted a number of activities,including a presentation on theimportance of protecting theenvironment, a tree planting anda drawing exhibition. Photo (Top to Bottom): A young Iraqi girl works to plant a tree; a student draws an environmental painting; a teacher lecturesstudents on the importance of conservation. 1 Billion People 192 CountriesThis is the second year we organized Earth Day activities and we are committed to do so every year -Al-Nasiriyah School Principle </li> <li> St. Louis, Missouri Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideMore than 30,000 peopleattended the 23rd Annual St.Louis Earth Day Festival on April22nd. The theme was "Heroes forthe Planet: Ordinary People,Extraordinary Acts." Activitiesincluded an All Species Paradekicked off by Mayor Francis G.Slay, a recycling extravaganza,and a Green Jobs exhibit. Photo: volunteers educate an event participant about recycling 1 Billion People 192 Countries I encourage all citizens to take this opportunity to learn about respect and celebrate our connection to life on Earth and to take measures to give back on Earth Day and every day. -St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay </li> <li> Dushanbe, Tajikistan Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideA team of local NGOs, led byLittle Earth organized acommunity cleanup at localplaygrounds, and organizednumerous presentationsthroughout the day to educateresidents about environmentalissues. In honor of Earth Day,the coalition of groups openedthe first bicycle lane inDushanbe. Photo: Participants standing together to show their support for the planet 1 Billion People 192 Countries "Remember, weve only got one Little Earth! Even if everyday is Earth Day for some people, it is only on the 22nd of April that we come together and realize how big our movement has become." -Timur Idrisov, co-founder of Little Earth </li> <li> Kingston, Jamaica Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideIn Jamaica, over 100 studentshelped Mobilize the Earth byparticipating in environmentalevents and games, hosted bythe Jamaica Environment Trust(JET). Students learned theimportance of conservation andworked to incorporate greenactions into their daily lives.Photo: JET participant displays a mask that he made in honor of local wildlife. 1 Billion People 192 Countries Earth Day 2012 marked the completion of the second phase of the Building Appreciation for Nature in Children at Risk (BANCAR) project. The project ended with a fun filled day for participants. Nearly 100 8 - 14 year olds from RISE Kidz Clubs in communities of Majestic Gardens, Tower Hill and Drewsland came out to celebrate in Kingston. A JET Member </li> <li> Cape Town, South Africa Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideIn South Africa, local K-12students picked up waste at anearby beach and helped cleanup the surrounding landscape inhonor of Earth Day. Photos (Left to Right): Students clean up wastearound a sea drain; two young boys pose for the camera while recycling some plastic bottles 1 Billion People 192 Countries We are very happy to be collaborating with the City of Cape Town and teaching the learners about the importance of looking after the earth. It is important that the youth play a role in keeping our environment clean and by participating in initiatives such as Earth Day, they are doing just that, -Stuart McLeod, Managing Director of PenBev. </li> <li> Columbus, Ohio Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideIn honor of Earth Day, thousandsof people volunteered during themonth of April to help clean upthe state of Ohio. In addition,local group Green Columbusorganized a large event indowntown Columbus to buildawareness of the citys greeninitiatives.Photo: team of volunteers who cleaned up their local neighborhood 1 Billion People 192 Countries Mobilize the Earth </li> <li> Son Rullan, Spain Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideA local sustainable communityorganized a series of activities anddemonstrations within their eco-village to help educate nearbyresidents about living in anenvironmentally friendly manner. Photo: participants gather together to meditate in Son Rullan, Spain 1 Billion People 192 Countries It is a celebration with a difference, a celebration which gives meaning, a celebration which renews our commitment to respect Earth and humanity. - Earth Day organizer </li> <li> Tunis City, Tunisia Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideSchools within Tunis Cityorganized outdoor Earth Dayactivities and taught theirchildren about the importanceof environmental issues in theclassroom. Outdoor activitiesincluded tree plantings,recycling drives, and the clean-up of a local park.Photos (Top to Bottom): A student works to create a sculpture out of her recentlyrecycled bottle; students help plant trees at a local park 1 Billion People 192 Countries Mobilize the Earth </li> <li> Selangor, Malaysia Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideLocal NGO Waterfall Survivorsmobilized hundreds of localresidents to clean up of the localSelangor Waterfall and learnabout the importance ofpreserving their environment. Photo: Waterfall Survivors participantspose for a group photo before the clean-up 1 Billion People 192 Countries On April 22nd, approximately 500 participants traveled to Templers Park in Selangor, Malaysia with the goal of removing all waste and litter from the magnificent waterfalls in the park. The event featured activities and discussions to educate participants about the environmental threats facing Malaysias waterfalls. A Waterfall Survivors Participant </li> <li> Cleveland, Ohio Ea r t h D ay 2 0 1 2 World WideOn April 22nd, Cleveland hostedEarthFest 2012, anenvironmental education eventwhich featured speakers,exhibits on clean transportation,and green home improvements.The theme was Local andSustainable Food, whichhighlighted Mayor Jacksons 10-year Sustainable ClevelandInitiative. Photo: EarthFest 2012 in Cleveland 1 Billion People 192 Countries Mobilize the Earth </li> <li>...</li></ul>