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<ul><li> 1. The Book Day and The Earth Day 2nd grade students </li></ul> <p> 2. Los alumnos de segundo hemos visitado a nuestros compaeros de 3 aos para contarles un cuento en ingls porque hoy celebramos el da del libro. Hemos hecho nuestra portada con material de reciclaje porque queremos ayudar a cuidar la tierra. No olvidemos que aunque el da 22 se celebra el da de la tierra, nosotros tenemos que cuidarla todos los das. Lo hemos pasado muy bien y hemos tenido un pblico maravilloso. 3. The second grade students visited their three year- old schoolmates to read an English tale to celebrate Book Day. They read the cover tale about recycled material because they want to take care of the Earth. Although we celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd, we cannot forget that we have to take care of the Earth every day of the year. We had a great time because we had a wonderful audience! 4. In the light of the moon 5. The very hungry caterpillar 6. They are so nice. 7. A tiny egg. 8. At the end, it was a butterfly 9. Beautiful! 10. The teacher Glorias class did very well too. Thank you! 11. Fantastic !!! 12. We Love The Tale So Much! 13. On Monday he ate one apple. 14. We love reading books to our school mates. 15. Thats a red apple. 16. The caterpillar was very hungry!!!! 17. She is my sister. 18. Then we went to the porch to read the tale to our 1st grade schoolmates. We acted out a poem about Gloria Fuertes too. Luego nos fuimos al porche para leer nuestro cuento a nuestros compaeros de primero. Interpretamos una poesia de Gloria fuertes Tambin. 19. And thats all </p>