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Catalyzing Clean Technology in India Energy Alternatives India – EAI Helping Your Renewable Energy Business Take Off

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Catalyzing Clean Technology in India

Energy Alternatives India – EAI

Helping Your Renewable Energy Business Take Off

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EAI aspires to be a key catalyst for the Indian clean technology and renewable energy industry

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• WHO – are we?

• WHERE– do we operate?

• WHAT– can we do for you?

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WHOare we?

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About EAI

• Boutique firm focusing on Indian Renewable Energy and Cleantech industry

• Operates in Solar, Wind, Biomass & Energy Efficiency, with special focus on solar PV

• High quality support services for developers, IPPs, large industrial energy consumers, corporates, and government sectors

• Publishes whitepapers and comprehensive reports on renewable energy subjects ranging from mainstream topics such as Substitution of Diesel with Solar to niche domains such as Algae Fuels

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EAI Strengths

Focus Expertise

Network Team

We do ONLY Renewable Energy and Cleantech, nothing else

Intersection of domain knowledge and marketing expertise

Professionals from IIT and IIM; biotechnology, energy engineering, economics, and finance specialists

Deep relationships across the Renewable Energy value chain, particularly in Solar and Wind

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Our Focus Areas

Developer/ IPP assistance

Assisting Industrial

Consumers Go Green

Diversification into/within Renewable


Market Entry for International


Research and Publications

Renewable Energy


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Developer/IPP Assistance

EAI provides customised assistance for Developers and IPPs in the Solar PV, Solar Thermal, and Wind industries

Our services include• Providing clarity on regulations, approvals, procedures,

policies, and business models • Enabling better understanding of regional/state-wise

opportunities for Developers/IPPs • Assistance in identifying Power Offtakers/Customers

(especially for IPPs)• Due diligence and selection of vendors for implementation of

renewable energy projects

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Assisting IndustrialConsumers Go Green

EAI provides assistance to Industrial Consumers who wish to incorporate Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, and Bio-energy in their energy mix

Our services include• Technical and economic feasibility for use of renewable

energy/power sources • Developing RFPs and RFQs for renewable energy projects

for captive consumption • Due diligence and selection of vendors for implementation of

renewable energy projects• Clarity on approvals, procedures, policies, and regulations

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Diversification into/within Renewable Energy

EAI enables businesses in other sectors to diversify into renewable energy, or renewable energy businesses to diversify within renewable energy in the Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, Bio-energy, and Energy Efficiency fields

Our services include• Market potential analysis • Financial feasibility analysis • Competitor analysis • Identification of key success drivers • Evaluation of policy & regulatory barriers • Identification of appropriate marketing/sales strategies• Identification of technology and marketing partners

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Market Entry for International Renewable

Energy FirmsEAI provides specialised assistance to International Renewable Energy firms in entering the Indian Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, Bio-energy, Waste to Energy, and Energy Efficiency markets

Our services include• Understanding of the Indian market & regulatory structure • Market potential studies• Competitor analysis • Developing and implementing Marketing & sales strategies • Identifying joint venture/marketing partners • Business incorporation, setting up office, recruitment of key


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Research and Publications

EAI has published highly acclaimed Whitepapers and Comprehensive Reports on

• Solar –Solar PV Market, Offgrid Solar Landscape, Replacing Diesel with Solar, Manufacturing Opportunities in Solar PV Value Chain

• Wind –Wind Power Sector Opportunities, Techno-economic Feasibility of Wind Power

• Bio-energy – Algae Fuels, Algae Based Carbon Capture, Algae-based Waste Water Remediation, Cellulosic Ethanol, Jatropha Biodiesel

• Others – Castor Oil  Derivatives, Wave & Tidal Energy

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Renewable Energy Catalysis

EAI acts as a catalyst for the adoption of Renewable Energy and Clean Technology in the public and private sector through

Conferences & Exhibitions Networking meets

Green tours & seminars Online Communities

• We have organised some of the world’s largest events• RENERGY 2012 &

2013• RENERGY Coimbatore• Reaction 2012• Wind Power India

• The conferences feature• 1,500+ delegates• 80+ speakers

• The exhibitions feature• 10,000+ visitors• 250+ exhibitors

• We have conducted several networking meets for the Solar PV industry. These events feature• 150-200 delegates

covering• Developers• EPCs• Manufacturers• Financers

• We regularly conduct Eco-awareness events for the general public and within corporate environments. These take the form of• Tours to Renewable

Energy installations and eco-friendly small industries

• Seminars featuring expert speakers on green strategies for individuals and groups

• Our online activism includes• India’s largest

Renewable Energy news and analysis website with 5,000+ visitors/day

• Newsletter with 35,000+ subscribers

• EAI Club with 12,000+ members

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Our Clients – Domestic

Reliance Industries Limited, India

Sterlite Technologies (Vedanta Group)

Minda Group

Accenture, India

Agrawal Group Bhavik India Group

GE, India Schneider Electric, India

Emerson Electric, India

Indian Railways Low Carbon Expert Committee Planning Commission Government of India

Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency, Government of Tamil Nadu

Bosch, India

ReGen Powertech

Amway, India

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Our Clients – International

Exxon Mobil, USA

Total, France Saudi Aramco

Shell, Netherlands

Mitsubishi, Japan Marubeni, Japan

US Army Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA

Boston Consulting Group, Germany

A.T. Kearney, Germany Mott MacDonald

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA

World Bank Procter & Gamble

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WHEREdo we operate?

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WHERE do we operate?In All Primary Renewable Energy Sectors

Solar Thermal

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WHATcan we do for you?

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Key Benefits – SummaryFor IPPs/Developers • Customer off-take from your power plants

• Vendor selection for project implementation• Understanding of policies, regulations, procedures

For Industrial Energy Consumers

• Technology and economic feasibility• Vendor evaluation & selection• Understanding of policies, regulations, procedures

For Companies Seeking to Diversify into Renewable Energy

• Market potential and feasibility analysis • Evaluation of policy & regulatory barriers • Identification of marketing/sales strategies

For International Firms Seeking India Market Entry

• Understanding of Indian market & regulatory structure • Developing Marketing & Sales strategies • Business incorporation, setting up office & operations

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EAI is well positioned for achieving its aspiration:

“To be a key catalyst for the Indian clean technology industry”

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Energy Alternatives IndiaA5C Anugraha Apartments41, Nungambakkam High RoadChennai – 600034 Tamil Nadu India

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