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  • Anil e-Poems




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  • Anil e-Poems (English)-INDEX

    Binding LoveUnbound Passion !

    Peace Call ! Oh God!

    SIX er Patterns !

    Run for Battle..

    Mild Enjoyment

    Happiness Where ?

    Will rise who falls

    Natures Fire works

    Can thirst be quenched?

    Where is the Future?

    Semozhi Kambar

    Rivers Sanctity

    Venting human ire ?

  • Anil e-Poems (English)-INDEX (contd..2)

    Shop on Wheels

    Beast of Burden

    Sword Pen

    Get back..Struggles are Over !

    Know Thyself !

    Rising Self.Supreme Almighty !

  • Binding LoveUnbound Passion !

    Love binds every one

    Love binds different species together !

    Love binds Humans too

    Though emanated from monkeys..true !

    Love exhibits remarkable potency

    Love generates tremendous energy !

    Love binds Divinity with Devotion

    Love binds Sincerety with Dedication

    Love binds Chastity with Purity!

    Love binds Beauty with Clarity!

    God resides in all hearts filled with True Love

    Gods prescription for all evils. Shower Love !

    Obey Gods directives to smooth-sail ocean of Life

    You shall achieve what God has determined for Your Life !

    e-poem by ANL Madhavann (alias nalama madhavann)

    20th June 2010 e-poems-anil

  • Peace Call ! Oh God!

    What have you kept for me Oh God!

    Lamenting voice from this Old Grand Maa!

    My husband left me in absolute lurch !

    My parents left long time back without touch !

    My children abandoned once they were grown!

    All my friends and relatives left me thrown!

    I am undoubtedly daughter of this sacred coil

    Always blessed, true Indian spiritual Soil !

    Oh God! Do you hear my voice of turmoil ?

    LookInside..someone raises His Voice on Whisper !

    To alleviate and exonerate your immediate despair !

    Where is Peace? My return to this inner voice of God, for sure !

    Rightful existence, safe health, food, with great heart and pure !

    Vibrations of Inner PeaceExternal creations that starts charting your

    Pathway to reach abode of God with absolute sincerety, great !

    Earthly adventures are over to dedicate on God with purity!

    Fear of suppression for any Godly achievements..Wonder !

    Shall vibrate inside when God would reach ...so Surrender !

    e-poem by ANL Madhavann (alias nalama madhavann)

  • 20th June 2010 e-poems-anil

    SIX er Patterns !

    Five people plays; sixth person overseas

    Five senses play; the Mind as Sixth, Over Seas!

    Earth is this body; Space is our Intelligence

    Ether (Air) is the Life (Oxygen)

    God plays every game with every species

    Some are able to tolerate and many cannot!

    Those who could tolerateforgets God!

    Those who cannot remember God!

    Gods equation is never comprehensible

    For it is unique and beyond anyones reach

    Belief in Him shall throw some light some day

    Till then simply steer path of Success all the Way!

    With HIS blessings all the time anyway!

    e-poem by ANL Madhavann (alias nalama madhavann)

    25th June 2010 e-poems-anil

  • Run for Battle

    Where do we go? What do we aspire?

    Land, Building, Water, Sky, Sea, Mountain, Alps,

    Clouds, Rivers, Landscape, Chills, Cheers,

    Where do we go? What do we aspire?

    Run for Battle? Where?

    Look at all creations of God !

    Know these existed even before your Birth and

    Will continue differently even after your Exit !

    Understand your purpose of birth is to aspire God !

    God resides in those with absolute Truth !

    You are one such selected by God !

    Run then for Gods Abode which is your Heart !

    Do dwelve in your heart so as to aspire God!

    Aspirations when increases.

    . shall inspire chances of attainment of

    Gods abode ..

    ..which is nothing but no more births and deaths!

    The true abode of absolute BLISS with Almighty !

    e-poem by ANL Madhavann (alias nalama madhavann)

    29th June 2010 e-poems-anil

  • Mild Enjoyment

    Mild enjoyment has many different faces

    Pedalling cycle of karma with clear bases

    Someone seeing and adding wisdom .Cheers!

    Birth, Growth, Life & Death - clearly smears

    Not for this Life attitude always postpones

    All those achievements what this Life determines

    Purpose of Life for many ..full of puzzles

    Right or Wrong decision making still dangles

    Cycle of Birth and Death still entangles

    Mild enjoyment gives no Lifes achievements

    Prosperity comes never without ardent blessings

    Those that surrender got that Ultimate Truth

    Others suffer wandering for real growth

    Pathway not real for those that donot know facts

    For those who know it is but Gods ultimate Abode!

    e-poem by ANL Madhavann (alias nalama madhavann)

    30th June 2010 e-poems-anil

  • Happiness Where ?

    Where is Happiness?

    Happiness is in feeding poor ? OR

    Enjoying chillness after shirking heat? OR

    Liking best of friends abode ? OR

    Meeting boldly all your foes ? OR

    Being child-like for all happenings? OR

    Dont care attitude for all that encounters ? OR

    Understanding that All for better happiness ? OR

    Realisation that No truth in anything material ?


    Happiness isonly..

    in the Abode of God!

    e-poem by ANL Madhavann (alias nalama madhavann)

    17th July 2010 e-poems-anil

  • Will rise who fallsThose who fall will rise !

    Rise and Fall are for wise !

    Look ! shun I in Yours

    My sense must go always!

    What use your I

    when you should relinquish ego

    What use your age

    when you should certainly grow

    What use your growth

    when you should shun My

    What use your rejoice

    when you still have to die

    Rejoice knowing that all creations belong to God !

    God knows how to take back those that belongs to Him!

    Your duty starts at Home to Society !

    Do that greatly to glorify with Dexterity !

    Be Happy for whatever than happens as there is always a Superiority

    With God; dont lose hopes-n-faith and devote with utmost Sincerety!

    e-poem by ANL Madhavann (alias nalama madhavann)

    19th July 2010 e-poems-anil

  • Natures Fire works

    Natures Fire works sees no bounds

    Where God proclaims that He is Omnipresent

    Those who surrenders with absolute devotion

    Are taken into a world outside commotion

    Sure for God to endow His blessings

    Even to those that have utmost mis-givings

    For God is always Supreme to anything you can visualize

    Dont be in despair and lose your heart to perpetualize

    Are you facing incessant dis-satisfaction

    Despite your absolute dedication and devotion?

    Do the right thing at right time for right reasons

    You shall reap benefits to your satisfaction in all seasons!

    e-poem by ANL Madhavann (alias nalama madhavann)

    20th July 2010 e-poems-anil

  • Can thirst be quenched?

    Corporation Water pump brings Water instead of Air

    Surprising? Thinks the toddle! Kindles his Thinking but

    What made him to quench his thirst?

    Not water but a small corporation help!

    If this enlarges without corruption to greater heights

    Think of enormous benefits society can get!

    What stops that thought and action?

    Support of Society to that Corporation

    Deserving and with able Governance!

    If that Government fails, Society is cheated!

    Is Society does not support such Governance

    Then Society cheats itself?

    Quench your thirst for proper Governance

    And you deserve to elect the right person

    Or else you stand cheated and become a

    Permanent liability to Society for

    Governance to exploit you!

    e-poem by ANL Madhavann (alias nalama madhavann)

    25th July 2010 e-poems-anil

  • Where is the Future?

    What I do to erase my loneliness?

    Why my parents died this way in an air-crash?

    When people fly, no guarantees that they

    Will return home safely...is it?

    Are all travels for artificial happiness?

    I am lonely...no brothers...no sisters...

    No one born with my parents either

    No one to look after my Life!

    I am not in an age to look after myself

    Why God? The Absolute and the Ultimate!

    Why this severe ordeal on me?

    How do I function in this Life?

    Anyone can tell me?

    Who has some knowledge to steer?

    Lifes pathway should not be so severe

    Give me strength Oh God!

    To win confidence against social onslaught!

    e-poem by ANL Madhavann (alias nalama madhavann)

    30th July 2010 e-poems-anil

  • Semmozhi Kambar !

    You were also taken for a ride Oh Poet Kambar?

    YES; Semmozhi is a new Tamil word for Politicians!

    How many languages are there in this World!

    English has ruled this world as a universal language!

    No other language has taken over this English!

    If Hindi and English are not there in India

    Tamil cannot rule civilians even in India

    How can Tamil be a semmozhi ever!

    What is our language for conversation?

    What language can bind social emotions?

    What language can gauge human bondage?

    What language can bring in social awareness?

    Political assailants can still dismantle and damage!

    Look at world to come to some preparedness

    Dont despair again and again with wrong notions

    You are there in this planet for a purpose

    You dont know; still, but GOD knows