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<ol><li> 1. Driver[less] cars Eduardo Reyes L&amp;S 60, Summer C </li><li> 2. </li><li> 3. Is it possible to avoid this kind of situation? </li><li> 4. Re-educate the drivers </li><li> 5. Increase the fines for texting while drivers drive </li><li> 6. Change the way we drive </li><li> 7. is a Driverless car? what </li><li> 8. </li><li> 9. CONS1 </li><li> 10. The current legal system recognize only the human drivers </li><li> 11. WHO IS GUILTY? </li><li> 12. No Brake Pedal Or Steering Wheel </li><li> 13. Human and Computer control </li><li> 14. NO TRUST </li><li> 15. %Believes that computers arent able to make the same quality of decisions that human beings do </li><li> 16. % Believed they could drive a car better than a computer could. </li><li> 17. PROS2 </li><li> 18. OPPORTUNITY </li><li> 19. LESS TRAFFIC </li><li> 20. LESS POLLUSION </li><li> 21. LESS ACCIDENTS </li><li> 22. The average U.S. driver has one accident every 165,000 miles. Google, since 2009, have driven without accidents 700,000 miles </li><li> 23. OPINION3 </li><li> 24. The technological evolution of the DLC wont stop According to, 75% of the cars in 25 years will be autonomous </li><li> 25. The semi- autonomous car are real, now According to Continental, an automobile supplier, is testing their car in Nevada for the nex year. </li><li> 26. Whether or not, the legal system will change According to a specialized technology websites, rules for the public's use of autonomous cars, expected to be ready by January 1, 2015. </li><li> 27. Summary DLC allows to disabled people to drive Could reduce the pollution and traffic congestion Could reduce the rate of accidents and consequently, saving thousands of lives every year </li><li> 28. Thank you </li><li> 29. Questions? </li><li> 30. REFERENCES VILLASENOR, J., APR 25 2014 Who Is at Fault When a Driverless Car Gets in an Accident? The Atlantic car-gets-in-an-accident/361250/ DEATON, J, How Driverless Car Will Work SAVANI. A Why Google And Others See A Future With Driverless Cars JUN 11, 2013 driverless-cars </li><li> 31. REFERENCES SILVER M. The #1 Reason You Won't Be Seeing Driverless Cars on Your Street cars-on-your-street.html </li></ol>