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  • Dr. Alfred Huthig Celebrates 80th Birthday

    A publisher by calling - Dr. Alfred Huthig, the still youthful founder and senior head of the Dr. Alfred Huthig Publishing Group is able to look back on a satisfying career as publisher. Successful in both the publishing of recognised international technical periodicals and scientific books, Dr. Huthig celebra- ted his eightieth birthday on the 12th of September.

    The wish to work independently and put his ideas into practice came early in his career. After studying eco- nomics, law and journalism (dissertation at the age of 22 under Professor KarlBucher in Leipzig), Dr. Huthig began his career at the age 25 when he became the publisher of a technical periodical.

    This courageous step, made in a year full of economic turbulence, was the beginning of a publishing house that was destined to grow until today, when its entire programme covers a very broad range of subjects: chemistry, electrical engineering, electronics, plastics, packaging, metal industry, dentistry and many others. Born in Possneck, Thuringen, Dr. Huthig made Heidelberg the home of his choice. There he set out to expand and consolidate the foundations of his company by fostering contacts with various pub- lishers and printers and encouraging mutual co-op- eration and participation. Now, in the 55th year since the founding of the company, there exist subsidiaries and partner companies in Basel, Mainz, Bad Durk- heim, Speyer, Berlin, Munchen and - since 1978 - New York as well.

    Dr. Huthigs enthusiasm for magazine publishing and his great interest in new book projects are as alive as ever now that he has atfained his eightieth year. The balance of this untiring creativity: more than 30 spe- cialised or scientific periodicals (including since 1978 HRC & CC, the first Huthig journal exclusively in Eng- lish) with a total annual circulation of nearly 30 miiiion; and almost 1500 book titles in print, amongst which are several titles (partly English, partly German) of the new series Chromatographic Methods,

    Life-long projects of such magnitude have always demanded prudent administration and planning for the future. Through his son, Bernd Holger Huthig, a graduate in management studies, the continuity of this life-long work is guaranteed. More than 1 0 years ago, Dr. Huthig had already called him into the managerial sphere and has since then appointed him chief executive of the entire Group.

    With his well-known sixth sense for new publishing projects, Dr. Huthig will continue to play an active role in the development of the Publishing Group. In this respect he will give particular attention to the two scientific journals Macromolecular Chemistry and Applied Macromolecular Chemistry, two magazi- nes of world-renown whose origins may be traced back to the friendship and close co-operation be- tween Dr. Huthig and Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Dr. Hermann Staudinger, the founder of macromole- cular chemistry.

    Journal of High Resolution Chromatography & Chromatography Communications VOL. 3, SEPTEMBER 1980 431

  • Contents

    101 84 J. Y-K. Hsieh* An Improved HPLC Method for the Analysis J. G. Turcotte of Phosphoglycerides


    10185 C. J. Purnell* Determination of Trimellitic Anhydride (TMA) C. J. Warwick in Factory Atmospheres by High

    Performance Liquid Chromatography


    * = author to whom any correspondence should be addressed

    Papers Accepted for Publication in Future Issues

    The titles are listed in the order in which they were received by the Editors. As far as possible, the order of publication will follows this.

    Graphitized Capillary Columns for the Analysis of High-Boiling Aromatic Amines G. GorettilM. CiardilC. Di Palo (Italy)

    Group-Type Analysis of Gasoline Range Materials by HPLC

    K. JinnolH. NomuralY. Hirata (Japan)

    Chlorophyll A in Marine Phytoplankton: Separation by HPLC and Specific Fluorimetric Detection

    G. Liebezeit (GFR)

    Simultaneous Detection of Proteases in Multicomponent Tablets by Polyacrimide Gel Electrophoresis

    N. Arnold (France)

    Static Coating: Filling the Column by Pressure

    K. Grob (Switzerland)

    Determination of the Isomeric Distribution and Associated Impurities in Commercial Diethylbenzenes by Capillary GC

    R. K. KuchhallB. KumarlP. KumarlP. 1. Gupta (India)

    Capillary GC and GClMS of Bis (trimethylsiloxy) silicon (IV) Derivatives of Alkyl Porphyrins

    R. AlexanderlG. EglintonlJ. P. Gil//J. K. Volkman (GB)

    The Use of Chromatographic Profiles for the Identification of Yeast Genera

    M. MartinezlD. NuroklA. Zlatkis (USA)

    Quantitative Analysis of Some Preservatives in Pharmaceutical Formulations by Different Chromatographic Methods

    J. KorSiZ;lD. MilivojeviElR. SmerkoljlE. KuEanlM. ProSek (Yugoslavia)

    Intermediate Test for (Fused Silica) Capillary Columns

    R. C. M. de NijslR. P. M. Dooper (The Netherlands)

    Analyses of Dichloroaniline Isomers on Heteroaromatic Compounds by GLC A. Ono (Japan)

    Surface Modification of Soft-Glass Capillaries for GC by Treatment with Water Vapour

    H. J. NeulF. J. Heeg (GFR)

    Analysis of Alaskan Crude Oils by Glass Capillary GUMS

    L. V. S. HoodlM. Erikson (USA)

    Day Dream on Process and Laboratory GC

    C. L. Guillemin (France)

    Evaluation of Syringe Handling Techniques for Injections into Vaporizing GC Injectors K. Grob, Jr./S. Rennhard (Switzerland)

    Fused Silica: The New Glass Capillary Column

    W. G. Jennings

    Determination of Carboxylic Acids and Phenols in Water by Extractive Alkylation Using Pentafluorobenzylation, Glass Capillary GC and Electron Capture Detection

    E. FogelqvistlB. JosefssonIC. Roos (Sweden)

    Editorial Remark On page 88 of the February 1980 issue of HRC & CC, K. H. Shafer, A. Bjrarseth, J. Tabor and R. J. Jakobsen state that they have demonstrated the first on-the-fly GCIFT-IR spectra ever obtained using WCOT columns. According to our information, Leo V. Azarraga gave a paper at the 1976 Pittsburgh Conference which in principle

    demonstrated the same achievement. Since Azarragas work was published only as an abstract in the Conference book, the above authors of the 1980 article cannot be blamed for having overlooked it. Nevertheless, we feel obliged to confirm Azarragas priority in the matter.


    432 VOL. 3. AUGUST is80 Journal of High Resolution Chromatography & Chromatography Communications