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<p>Amas 80th Birthday Dinner</p> <p>Amas 80th Birthday Dinner06/01/2010</p> <p>So, Mainly, we booked the place with projector, slide, PA System, Buffet spread of Appetizer and Dessert, with a MAIN COURSE of everyone's choice.</p> <p>H's Family were there seeing how Uncle Peng is in-charge for this night. I talked with Hannah about studies, driving and other random stuff. We arrived before 8pm, and when it WAS 8pm, HANNAH WAS STARVING. She said she starved herself ALL DAY for this awesome dinner. FINALLY, the rest of the Family came with the WOMAN OF THE NIGHT =)After recording the whole tea ceremonial thingy, FOOD is served. The drinks offered were ICE LEMON TEA or NUTMEG DRINK. I took nutmeg, and I found out the others don't like nutmeg.</p> <p>HOLD UPP, no touchy-touchy on the food JUST YET. YES, we have to "CHAM CHA" which is a chinese custom as a respect to our elders, we offer them tea. -Normally for weddings...TEA CEREMONY- </p> <p>First up, Sicillian Seafood Soupserved individually with a complimentary basket of bread and dips. -Mustard, Balsamic and something I forgotten...-Then, we proceeded to the appetizer of a buffet counter. VERY MOUTHWATERING, AMBROSIAL, LUSCIOUS APPETIZERS. We had a selection of sashimi, oysters, muscles, Sushi, and a Salad counter. The SASHIMI AND THE RAWS were fresh and worth the wait. Still can't BELIEVE bro ate OYSTERS. I recall how disgustedPEER PRESSURE maybe? HAH.</p> <p>Oysters, Sashimi, Sushi, Salad</p> <p>It seemed like I ate the most...I thought Hannah would be piling her plate with food seeing how she starved...I guess when she's VERY HUNGRY, she still eats only half of what I do when I go BUFFET-ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT-MODE.Then, came the MAIN COURSE. There were choices of:</p> <p>Anitra Piemontese-mine-I chose the duck as it seem more interesting and not that common. AND AGAIN, I HAVE IMPECCABLE TASTE in choosing awesomeness food. X)THE DUCK, was AWESOMEEE. The others were just alright...The beef was pretty small, the fish didn't look appetizing.</p> <p>After the divinely marvelous meal, FLASHBACK TIME. Uncle Peng prepared a slideshow of photos of Ama. We were sitting far back from the slide, so, the others moved up to look see while I stayed back as...I have awesome sight? hahahah. T stayed back and we FINALLY got to chat a lil. He didn't brought his glasses so...he decided to skip the slideshow afterall. </p> <p>OBVIOUSLY the meal won't end at MAIN COURSE, some sweets to sweeten up our nights of course. There were pastries, fruits, tiny delicate cakes, chocolate was a delightful little spread of sweets. I MISSED THE CHEESE AND CRACKERS!!! I didn't wanna go back for another serving seemed like I took the most and...I don't know...I am kinda embarassed of seeming like a fatty? yupp, THAT'S JUST MYSELF.</p> <p>DessertSURPRISE: Chocolate Fondue</p> <p>HAH! Not much of a bump even a day after that DINNER. X)</p> <p>GAY? RETRO? HIPPIE? =D</p> <p>TEE-HEE!!!</p> <p>All Photo Credits: Summer Tan. Camera: Olympus FE-370</p>