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<ul><li> 1. Copy and paste font onto Photoshop.</li></ul> <p> 2. Open original photo onto photoshop. Make the photo brighter by dragging the mouseTo increase the brightness. As the brightness is increased the model seems cloudedSo I increased the contrast slightly to bring colour back into her face. 3. I did this background as I wanted it to contrast with the black clothes that the model is wearingAlso as I think black and white best compliment each other. In order to do this I had to usePixlr.com to create a spotlight effect which blends only at the corners. This is to bring moreattention to the celebrity. I then saved the image and copied and pasted in onto Photoshop. I hadto rotate it 90 degrees and fit it onto the whole page in order to make it layer one. I then lockedthe layer so all the work would be done on top of it. 4. Copy and paste images onto Photoshop from desktop and place one image on top of another. 5. Using the text tool type down the title and select Lithos pro as the font and set the font style asBlack. I selected a different and darker shade of blue to make the page more interesting andTo show a variety of colours as through research I found that my target market like the use ofDifferent colours. 6. For the strap line I used the same font as the title but made it a lot smaller and in blackTo make it stand out. 7. Copy and paste image onto Photoshop and size into selected shape so that It doesnt takeUp all of the space as an article is yet to be added on. Also keep space for the page number inThe corner. 8. Insert article from using the text tool. Change the first letter to a different colourIn this case I used the same colour as the masthead on the left hand corner.For the final paragraph I found that the text was overlapping the image in the cornerSo in order for the text to go around the image I had to press enter every time a word got closeTo the image. This took up a lot of time but was very effective in the end. 9. For this grab quote I used Segoe Script and made the font bold. I used the same colour asThe mast head to make the page consistent making the page only consist of 4 colours; Black,Blue, Light blue and pink. 10. Just like most magazine, I included the writer and photographer name besides the images.To make it vertical I had to rotate the text with a curve tool. This was fairly early as mostOther programmes require the same needs to rotate a text. 11. Finally, copy and paste the stars from the contents page and place into both corners of thepages.Using the text tool type in the page numbers into the stars and select font colour to white. 12. For my second draft I replaced the image as it was not the same colour as the other imageBeside it. 13. To edit this image I used Pixlr. I increased the colour as the lighting in the original image wasDull and dark.</p>