Motivating Student Employees

Presented by the Student Assistant Supervisors Workgroup Motivating Student Employees

How did you feel your first day on the job? First impressions are everythingWhere do I fit in? Invest the timeExpectation SheetDo they understand their duties?Scavenger hunt training exerciseSurvey training exerciseTraining gamesOrientation & training

Great, your new student is trained, now you can kick back and relax, nope!Ask questionsCheck their workTraining ChecklistPerformance Reviews (student evaluation by supervisor, self evaluation by student, supervisor evaluation by student)yes, regular, scheduled performance reviewsFollow up

Acknowledge successes immediatelyCoach them on improvements immediatelyBe specific when coaching or taking corrective action measuresUse the term weGive them attainable goals and the tools to get thereKeep students informed of things going on in your divisionMake students part of the decision making processcommunication

No money? What else is there?Cyber Caf gift card or other free to inexpensive rewardInteresting and new tasksAssisting in training new co-workersCreate teams to work together on special projectsPromotion to new job title and dutiesOutstanding Student Assistant AwardStudent Assistant Appreciation WeekThank you, Great work on project X!Other resume boosters?Recognition & rewards

Remember the supervisors you liked? Be that kind of supervisor!Be consistentBe a mentorHave staff meetings F2F or onlineTake the time to get to know your studentsRecognize birthdays or the completion of a large project Stay motivated or get motivated!Buy into the company missionNegative attitudes are contagious Morale


What motivates you? Job security? Interesting work? Achieving goals? Lets make a plan for our department/division based on those motivatorsPair and Share Activity

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