Don't Forget the Holocaust!

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  • 8/8/2019 Don't Forget the Holocaust!


    Charles GallowayEnglish 201

    Professor Miller

    October 29, 2010

    Dont Forget the Holocaust

    Opinion on the Diary and a Reflection of the Times

    We have all heard stories of the holocaust and we assume that it is a thing of the past. We are

    kept in a horrible sadness when we think of it, and yet it reminds us of our human capability to be as evil

    as the devils that (most of us) despise. Surely every few years some new development comes outabout

    the wars that we have fought, and surely this story is covered by our ever aware news media.

    Sometimes we are hit with added worry through controversy, but in the last couple of days we are hit

    with a detailed description and story of a survivor from within.

    Tony Acevedo, a veteran of WWII, was an American prisoner of war after the battle of the bulge,

    who was captured and sent to a Concentration Camp. He kept a journal hidden in his pants that

    recorded everyday events and as a way of maintaining his sanity. He was a medic, charged with the duty

    of taking care of his fellow troops, but during that time he was also a starving American in a camp of

    slavery and poor conditions. A few days ago he turned his diary over to the Holocaust Museum, and at

    the age of 86 he is happy to finally let the diary go. His diary will continue to inform humanity of its most

    heinous mistakes, and will allow us to reflect on theTruth of Suffering.

    In a world of constant stimulation, false senses of security, overall mis-education of the masses,

    and carelessness of action, stories like this allow us from a few short minutes to ponder on a world

    outside of our social bubble. It allows our brains to join with the human consciousness that exist within

    all of us, which tells us that we are connected to or responsible for the trials and tribulations of every

    living soul. A thought comes to mind, I say a prayer, the first in years: that here we bury what we call

    the impossible, the unthinkable, the unimaginable, now and forever.Amen, this is from Martin

    Espadas Poem Litany at the Tomb of Frederick Douglas. These lines alone remind me of the feeling

    Comment [GMU1]: Purposeful

  • 8/8/2019 Don't Forget the Holocaust!