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  • 1.Doctors 3.0 ? Guus van den Brekel Central Medical Library, University Medical Center GroningenCapita Selecta Revalidategeneeskunde 08.02.2012

2. 3. CMB The Central Medical Library supportsand facilitates the three core activitiesof the University Medical CenterGroningen (UMCG): patient care,education and research 4. CMBadditional services to members of staff:Helping with (re)searching or doing the searching for you (First Aid-post for Searching)Literature search (extended)Alerting servicesCitation analysingAdvice and help in handling and processing references (RefWorks)Helping in obtaining the publications (document delivery)Courses 5. De dokter in de 21e eeuw: doctor 3.0 ? Situatie nu? Ontwikkelingen? Situatie 2020?"Information is everywhere " 6. I want my information everywhere .... 7. Come and get it De bibliotheek = informatie 8. E-libraryNetwork 9. In the Cloud Internet NetworkOther 10. Mobile Network Internet"Information is everywhere" 11. Ontwikkelingen,voorspellingen....By 2013: 500,000 BP monitors to ship 12. 81 percent of physicians using smartphones by 2012 13. By 2014: 412M M2M Devices 14. Remote Patient Monitoring $1.9B by 2014 15. By 2014: $1.7B market for mobile apps in healthcare enterprise 16. By 2014:Healthcare to spend $4.5B on wireless data 17. By 2014: $950M wireless health equipment 18. By 2016: 100M wearable wireless sensors 19. Uw dagelijkse doses "informatie"? 20. 2.0 & 3.0? 21. 3.0 kenmerken Gepersonaliseerd Dynamisch Intelligent Semantisch "The Internet of Things" 22. Linked data &semantic web 23. Verrijkte publikaties... 24. Example linked data publication 25. Goal Doctors 2.0 "Our goal is to identify the ways in which theinclusion of health 2.0 tools and social mediaplatforms can improve care ....." 26. Goal Medicine 2.0 *Medicine 2.0 is a network of over 3.000academics, practitioners, and businessesworking in the area of emerging technologiesin health, medicine, and biomedical research.Themes 2012:Social Media, Mobile Apps and Inter net/ web 2.0 in Medicine and Public Health 27. Medicines future? Theres an app for that. DanielKraft on TED.com 28. TEDxMaastricht TEDxMaastrichts mission is to help the worldunderstand that change in healthcare isimminent. We aim to fire up and grow a movement ofpeople who believethe next decenniumshould be the era of the rising of self-empowered patients. Par ticipator y Healthcare 29. 4 trends in Healthcare Business intelligence Social Media Analytics Integration MobilitySituatie straks? 30. Future (for the library) 31. Facilitators | Go-Between | Moderators |Teachers and more....! 32. Licentie-varianten voor het kopen enverspreiden van apps 33. Het gebruik van mobile devices inonderwijs Stanford School of Medicine equipping students with Apples iPad 34. Ondersteuning van, en aanbod selectie voormobiele devices 35. Integratie van medische informatie inmobiele apps en in het ZiekenhuisInformatie Systeem 36. Ontwikkeling, beheer, verspreiding van in-house Apps 37. Pro-Active 38. Http:// 39. 40. Http://