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  • 1. Do You Know Your Doctor?future development

2. Welcome on board future development 3. Our role & its intimate relation with FLSM Ambition of achieving completionfuture development 4. Things that we hear we mostly forget Things that we see we may remember Things that we do we surely experiencefuture development 5. WHY THEY PRESCRIBE ?!future development 6. MOTIVATING FACTORS Diagnosis: Knowing what motivate doctor to prescribe is important in determining what msg. you want to convey. Prescription: Categorizing physicians by their main motivator - concern can help you to customize your sales msg. .future development 7. Major categories A. Patient driven B. Data driven C. Money driven D. Miscellaneousfuture development 8. A. PATIENT DRIVEN 1.Warm & sensitive2. Believe that their role implies an obligation of service & dedication 3. Elderly GPs 4. Resentful & leery 5. Protecting patient from being victimized 6. Objectionfuture development 9. Approach Align, align and align Be on his side Human oriented People you care for >the types of cases you see Patient educational materials Partner colleague > sales personfuture development 10. B. DATA DRIVEN 1.Thought leading, academic and cutting edge2. See the people as intellectually inferior to them 3. Legends in their own minds 4. Visually oriented, like to receive articles & graphic materials 5. Well organized & no sense of humorfuture development 11. Approach Attitude towards MR is individualized BEM Most recent clinical data& keep small talk to the minimumfuture development 12. C. MONEY DRIVEN 1.Financial gain is no. 1 motivator2. Money is the most tangible proof of appreciation and recognition 3. Think of pts as no.s & MR is time wasting factor 4. Tired and edgy 5. Less time with their familiesfuture development 13. Approach Trend of 5 min Partnership with sympathy Tolerability e.g. Atacand, Meronem, Losec Improve the doctors life qualityMONEY future development 14. Pharma friendly respects the pharmaceutical success and research work Compliment these physicians Showing that your products help the patient, the physician and ultimately the bottom line of the practicefuture development 15. KISS DONT MISS future development 16. D. MISCILLANOUS 1.Do not fit easily in two categories2. Remain as MYSTERY 3. Unpredictable mood without apparent reason 4. MR avoid them without even realizing it 5. Flatteredfuture development? 17. Approach Effort worthy > challenge Mention something unique or interesting about yourself will stimulate a response Figuring them out Cut your lossesfuture development 18. Social And Behavioral Styles To maximize the usefulness of your customer style you must be versatile:1. Your information 2. Understanding the mindset of your doctor 3. How they think & act and Why?future development 19. How to manage? Analytical/driver styleTell him about recent article regarding the disease which related to your product and not the product it self. don't lead with product. Lead with clinical information from a journal article that shows the physician that you are a valuable educational resource and not a stereotypical rep. future development 20. Cont. The way to get these doctors' attention is to look them in the eye and deliver the message in 60 seconds or less from memory. Hand the doctor a copy of the clinical study or review article and let them have control of it. They will most likely start asking you questions. When they do, they're telling you what they want to talk about which is what they are interested in.Doctors are control & power freaks future development 21. Dr.Flash Call He always asking where is your samples? Effective probing is your tool to buy you a few extra minutes Rule of three. Display enthusiasm ; he tends to show more interest in you product.future development 22. Dr. No Glossy Doesnt like the visual aids. seek first to understand then to be understood WHY ? Show empathy. (he will be more receptive) Know the source of your data (he thinks that you are biased). Use your reprints & reminders. future development 23. Dr.Good Times Social interaction>Serious product discussionHappy to see you Take a minute to engage him in a social dialogue and then focus on the call. Relationship is valuable,Make it Business Oriented.future development 24. Cont. Be assertive. Show him that you are attempting to initiate your job. D/A in front of him not laying on desk or hanging down.future development 25. OVERALL No matter who your customer areCategorize organize data customize detailing maximize your salesfuture development 26. The ladder of adoption A set of milestones that take us to our ultimate objective Taking the customer from never having heard of our product To maximum possible usage. Using 1st. Line in all Rx Using 1st. Line in 1 Rx Using 2nd. line Tried in few psAware&not used Never heard21 future development543Can not happen in one go6 27. Personality Matrix Controlling (Result Oriented)A S K STELLS Advocatingfuture developmentAnalyzing (Evidence Oriented)ASKS E M O T E SFacilitating o patients oReps oHonest 28. Scenario 1You unexpectedly run across a physician who's in a hurry. He looks at you and asks, "What do you have for me today?" future development 29. How To Manage? Wants control and choice. These physicians are drivers, and tend to be directive, to-the-point and fast-moving. They are outgoing and task-oriented, and focus on the bottom line. Matching your products' benefits to this buying style means using statements like "Doctor, with this product, you have a choice of titration schedules. future development 30. Cont. Or "Doctor, the bottom line is that you have the power to overcome the challenges of patient compliance by using this product. These physicians are self-reliant and like a challenge, so appeal to their sense of individual accomplishment. Show how choosing your product will benefit them . future development 31. Scenario 2 You've worked for months to get this appointment. It's with one of the most influential physicians in your territory. His support could change your numbers significantly. As you begin, he quickly determines that you do not have anything "new" and proceeds to tell jokesfor the rest of the call future development 32. How To Manage? Responds to attention and approval. These physicians are spontaneous and people-oriented. Physicians who exhibit this style want to connect with us and their patients. They tend to be more expressive and want to inspire and influence others. Matching your products' benefits to this buying style means using statements like "Doctors who use this product are typically trendsetters because they recognize how hard it is to find a product they can use in cutting-edge ways future development 33. Cont. Or "Doctor, you have a premier practice because your patients know you are innovative in your approach to healthcare. These physicians buy because they will stand out from the crowd, and their sense of popularity and position will be fulfilled.future development 34. Scenario 3: You are sitting across from a physician who could be holding the winning lotto ticket and you would never know it.His face is without a trace of expression.future development 35. How To Manage? Needs facts and figures to determine product quality and perceived correctness. These physicians are logical and analytical , and tend to be cautious. Matching your products' benefits to this buying style means using statements like "Because of this product's efficacy, it is the right prescription for your patients. future development 36. Cont. Or Doctor, after analyzing all of the available research, I'm sure you'll find that this product is the correct choice for your patients. These physicians buy because they are assured of the product's excellence as a result of a rep's accuracy and accountability.future development 37. Scenario 4 You have scheduled a lunch appointment. The first part of lunch has been dedicated to serving the staff. You try to begin your call, but the physician you have been working with for quite someonly wants to share stories about the family vacation. timefuture development 38. How To Manage? Motivated by safety and security. These physicians are steady and supportive. Physicians who exhibit this style want things to stay the same, and they know what they like. Of all of the buying styles, this one is the most resistant to change. future development 39. Cont. Matching your products' benefits to this buying style means using statements like "Doctor, I'm sure you are well-aware of the shortcomings of traditional therapies. Because you need to be assured of this product's safety record, let me provide you with the results of a four-year study that proves this product's safety and effectiveness" future development 40. Cont. or "Doctor, it is never easy to change anything, let alone a treatment plan. However, this product's ability to arrest the progression of the disease state will benefit patients over time." When these physicians do decide to write, they will be loyal.future development 41. RETURNS FROM LEARNING SHOULD BE MORE EARNINGfuture development 42. WITHOUT PREPARATIONfuture development 43. Work / life balanceCall rates, target doctors Special projects Product knowledge future developmentSALES 44. future development