do indigenous groups disappear? photo. who are the maya? where did they go when their civilization...

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Do indigenous groups disappear? photo

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  • Do indigenous groups disappear? photo
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  • Who are the Maya? Where did they go when their civilization fell? Glyphs, written accounts of Maya history at sites of city-states Dresden, Madrid and Paris Codices to help translate glyphs Popul Vuh- creation history of the Maya, Hero Twins, etc. De Landas alphabet and written accounts Oral history
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  • The Hero Twins
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  • Who were the Ancient Maya? Common Geography Common arithmetic Common calendar Common writing system Agriculture and food production Cosmology, Religion and Rituals Architecture Independent city-states Social class and hierarchy languages Clothing, adornment and textile production
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  • The Mayan Civilization
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  • When? Pre Classic Period 2000 BCE 250 CE Classic Period 250 CE 900 CE Post Classic Period 900 CE 1500 CE Where did they go after 1500??
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  • The Conquest of the Maya The Spaniards arrival Alvarado
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  • Conflicts confronted by the Maya Decline of civilization Drought Warfare- internal and external conflicts Migration to the Highlands from City-States Invasion of the Spanish Disease brought by Europeans 300 years of Spanish Rule Guatemalan Civil War Modern Day- Technology, struggle to fit in
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  • Diego de Landa, the Inquisition
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  • Who are the Maya today? Who identifies as being Maya today? Where do they live? What language(s) do they speak? What is the Mayas social status? What is the Mayas economic, educational, employment status? What does the future hold for the Maya today? What pressures do the Maya face from society, violence, internal and external forces? Land confiscation from the Maya Movement to the cities for work, education
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  • What does the future hold?