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  1. 1. Hotels Group Digital IQMava Dupont MBA 2A
  2. 2. Digital IQ touchpoints
  3. 3. W hotels Interactive, entertaining, design, attractivewebsite Promoting eventsConcierge serviceMobile appPlaylist of the W musicBest rate program
  4. 4. Four seasonsStaticNo innovationClassicLess interactivity than its competitorsConsequence: lack of communication
  5. 5. Any Screen, Any time You can choose your mobile app, according toyour mobile (brand, size of the screen, ipad,iphone, smartphone)
  6. 6. more than a booking engine - brands astravel experts Social interactivity, create loyalty, same community Clients are more able to choose a hotel that suits theirhabits, way of living and interests Thats why today those booking engine are multitasks !
  7. 7. morethanabookingengine-brandsastravelexpertsSocialinteractivity,createloyalty,samecommunityClientsaremoreabletochooseahotelthatsuitstheirhabits,wayoflivingandinterestsThatswhytodaythosebookingenginearemultitasks!