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  • 1.Excerpt from the Digital IQ Index : Beer To access the full report, contact membership@L2ThinkTank.comMarch 7, 2013SCOTT GALLOWAYNYU SternBeer L2 2013

2. Digital IQ Index: Excerpt from the Digital IQ Index : BeerMarch 7, 2013 To access the full report, contact membership@L2ThinkTank.comBeer Change BrewingWatch the Beer Video Click to PlayFor more than a decade, beer brands share of the U.S. alcohol beverage market has declined, from 56percent in 2000 to 49 percent in 2012ceding ground to the booming spirits trade.1 But weakening demandfor premium and light brands has been offset by double-digit growth in the craft segment, up 13.9percent annually from 2009-2011.2 Last year, five of the 10 fastest growing beers were craft brands. U.S Annual Growth in Alcohol ConsumptionCrafty In Percent Change, Gallons Per PersonThere is a substantial resource gulf between premium and craft BeerWine Spiritsbeer brands. A craft brewer produces less than six million barrelsa year vs. an Anheuser-Busch InBev, which shipped close to 100 4.4%4.1%million barrels domestically in 2011 (almost half of all the beer sold 3.8%in the U.S.).3 4 While industry titans spend upward of 85 percent2.9%of their working media budgets on television,5 a single 30-second 2.8%2.7% 2.4%Super Bowl spot ($3.8 million) is larger than the annual marketing2.2% 2.0%expenditures of many craft brewers. These smaller, more nimble1.6% 1.7% 1.5%1.4% 1.4%1.4%brands with no/limited traditional media have been forced to0.9% 0.9%0.7% 0.7%develop skills to cut through the noise with superior product0.4%0.2%0.4%and innovation, an approach that is evidence of a broader trend2002 2003 20042005 2006 2007 2008200920102011threatening the broadcast industrial complex. Digital is one of these 0.0%weapons, and craft brewers boast an average Digital IQ 13 points-0.5%higher than any other beer category. -1.0% -0.9% -1.2% -2.5% -3.0% -3.8%1.Annual Industry Review 2012, Distilled Spirits Council, February 6, 2013.Source: Beverage Information Group and U.S. Census2.State of the Craft Beer Industry, Demeter Group Investment Bank, 2013.3.Craft Brewer Defined, Brewers Association, accessed February 2013.4.The Audacity of Hops, David Rosenbaum,, September 11, 2012.5. Kantar Media Stradegy data, accessed March 1, 2013. L2 2013 Circulation of the report violates copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws. 2 3. Digital IQ Index:Excerpt from the Digital IQ Index : Beer March 7, 2013To access the full report, contact membership@L2ThinkTank.comBeerEcho Social Media Lift from Super Bowl XLVII Ad BuyPremium beer brands use digital to extend the shelf life of theirFebruary 14, 2013broadcast investment, whereas craft beers try to use digital asthe initial Boom. A recent survey suggests 24 percent of the AverageComparativeU.S. television audience qualify as TV Talkers (posting online Beer Brand Performance Notesreferences to what they watch on a weekly basis, including ads).6 +3,451,275 views +9,748 views 354Budweiser hosts less than 10 minutes of content on itsDespite an exclusive on beer-related Super Bowl advertising,+93.26%+0.33% primary YouTube channel. The two Clydesdales videosnow represent 92 percent of all views.only half of Anheuser-Busch InBevs six spots contained adigital call to actionall in the form of a hashtags (#Clydesdales, +1,537 followers +130 followers 12 Budweisers Twitter account started broadcasting on#HereWeGo).7 Although the visibility of those ads dwarfed +54.72%+0.74% January 27it remains to be seen if the account can growpast the goodwill it engendered with the Super Bowl spot.other activity across the Index for a three-day window, the buzzacross each of the brands social media channels rapidly trailed+ 1,915 fans +2,186 fans0.9Budweisers largest online community (3.7 million) wasoff, suggesting the echo effect is not as powerful as touted by 0.05%+0.32% mobilized to name the Clydesdale foal via comments (0.31percent post engagement)but no organized voting tab/ mavens. Smaller brands were not completely absent fromthe Super Bowl conversation. Will Ferrells irreverent ad forOld Milwaukee aired in just three markets (Sherman, Texas;Ardmore, Oklahoma; and Glendive, Montana) and received 3.5million views on YouTube. Red Stripe created a response toVolkswagens Jamaican accent ad and nabbed almost 35,000 Budweiser: Social Media Lift from Super Bowl(Clydesdales: Brotherhood)views and substantial buzz on blogs.January - February 2013Digital IQ = Shareholder ValueYouTubeTwitterFacebookThis study attempts to quantify the digital competence of 506,000,0006,000Daily Change in Video ViewsDaily Change in Fans/Followersiconic beer brands in the U.S. Our aim is to provide a robust tool5,000,0005,000to diagnose digital strengths and weaknesses and help brands(Facebook, Twitter) 4,0004,000,000 (YouTube)achieve greater return on incremental investment. Like the medium3,0003,000,000we are assessing, our methodology is dynamic and we hope you 2,0002,000,000 1,000will reach out with comments that improve our methodology and1,000,0000findings. You can reach me at 0 -1,000January 2013 February 2013Scott GallowayProfessor of Marketing, NYU SternFounder, L26.The New Power of Television: How Social Is Revitalizing the Future of TV, Initiative, October 2012.7.2013 Super Bowl Beer Ad Scorecard, Drink Nation, February 4, 2013. L2 2013 Circulation of the report violates copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws. 3 4. Digital IQ Index:Excerpt from the Digital IQ Index : Beer March 7, 2013To access the full report, contact membership@L2ThinkTank.comBeerAbout the RankingThe Methodology25%25%20%30%Site Digital MarketingMobile Social MediaEffectiveness of Brand SiteSearch, Display, and Email Marketing Efforts Compatibility, Optimization, and Brand Presence, Community Size, Content,Age GatewaySearch:Marketing on Smartphones and Tablets and Engagement Traffic, SEM, SEO, Web AuthorityMobile Site: Facebook:Site TechnologyCompatibility, Functionality, Load TimeLikes, Growth, Tabs & Applications, Responsiveness, Advertising & Innovation:Navigation & Site Search Engagement Display, Retargeting, Miscellaneous Brand InitiativesMobile Applications:Customer Service & Retail Locator Availability, Popularity, Functionality, Twitter: Blog & Other User-Generated Content:AccountCapture iPhone/iPad/Android DifferentiationFollowers, Growth, Frequency, Programming Mentions, SentimentBrand Content Innovation:YouTube: Email Marketing:Untappd, SMS, Other Mobile Initiatives Views, Number of Uploads, Subscriber Growth, Viral Videos,Product Page Frequency, Content, Promotion, Segmentation YouTube Search Visibility Emerging Social Media: Instagram, Google+, PinterestDigital IQ ClassesGenius 140+ Gifted 110139 Average 90109 Challenged 7089 Feeble < 70Digital competence is a point of Brands are experimenting and innovating Digital presence is functionalLimited or inconsistent adoption of Investment does notcompetitive differentiation for these brands.across site, mobile, and social platforms.yet predictable. Efforts aremobile and social media platforms.match opportunity.Creatively engineered messaging reachesDigital presence is consistent with brand often siloed across platforms.Sites lack inspiration and utility.consumers on a variety of devices and in image and larger marketing efforts.many online environments. L2 2013 Circulation of the report violates copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws.4 5. Digital IQ Index: Excerpt from the Digital IQ Index : Beer March 7, 2013 To access the full report, contact membership@L2ThinkTank.comBeerDigital IQ RankingIn the Company of GeniusRANK BRAND DIGITAL IQRank BRANDDIGITAL IQ Rank BRAND DIGITAL IQGENIUSHeineken BudweiserGenius Gifted Average 1GIFTEDBud Light 3 13810 109 Stella Artois Samuel AdamsCoors LightAB InBevDiageo Sierra NevadaNew Belgium Blue Moon AVERAGEGuinness 3 13810 109Miller Lite 150 Becks Pabst Blue RibbonAB InBevMillerCoorsWidmer Brothers Corona Heineken InternationalRedhookShinerSaranac 5 13312 107 Newcastle Brown Ale Rolling RockCHALLENGEDThe Boston Beer Co. AB InBevDos EquisMichelob ULTRAPyramidYuenglingHenry Weinhards 6 13213 104Old Milwaukee CoorsMiller64MillerCoors Pabst Brewing Co.Red Stripe 2Miller Genuine Draft Miller High LifeLabatt BlueKeystone Light 7 12413 104FEEBLEAmstel Light Budweiser SelectSierra Nevada Brewing Co. Craft Brew Alliance Modelo Especial Bud Light Lime LandSharkFosters 142 George Killians 8 12215 97Labatt Blue LightTecate AB InBevBusch Light New Belgium Brewing Co.Crown Imports PacificoBusch MichelobSelect 55Natural Light 9 12016 96St. Pauli GirlMilwaukees BestMillerCoors Craft Brew Alliance L2 2013 Circulation of the report violates copyright, trademark and intellectual property laws. 5 6. Digital IQ Index:Excerpt from the Digital IQ Index : BeerMarch 7, 2013To access the full report, contact membership@L2ThinkTank.comBeerDigital IQ RankingRank BRANDDIGITAL IQRankBRANDDIGITAL IQRank BRANDDIGITAL IQGENIUS HeinekenBudweiser GIFTED Bud Light1795 2487 3076Stella ArtoisSamuel Adams Coors Light The Gambrinus Co.D.G. Yuengling & SonMillerCoors Sierra Nevada New BelgiumBlue MoonAVERAGE Guinness1894 2581 3272 Miller LiteBecksPabst Blue Ribbon Matt Brewing Co. MillerCoors North American BreweriesWidmer BrothersCoronaRedhook Shiner Saranac1993 2679 3371Newcastle Brown AleRolling Rock CHALLENGED Heineken International Pabst Brewing Co. MillerCoorsDos Equis Michelob ULTRA Pyramid FeebleYuengling Henry Weinhards2091 2778 3469 Old MilwaukeeCoors Miller64 AB InBev MillerCoors Heineken InternationalRed Stripe Miller Genuine DraftMiller High LifeChallenged Labatt Blue Keystone Light2189 2778 3567 FEEBLE Amstel LightBudweiser Select Heineken International MillerCoors AB InBev Modelo EspecialBud Light LimeLandShark FostersGeorge Killians2288 2778 3666Labatt Blue


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