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Emily Farley

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  • 1. Emily Farley

2. Digital Photographys Impact

  • Digital photography is becoming increasingly more popular due to websites such as where you can post images and allow others to comment
  • Digital photography has also become more widespread among young adults due to invention of MySpace and Facebook.

3. Benefits of Digital Photography

  • Digital allows the photographer to view their image automatically. It also allows easier downloading to the computer and editing the picture.
  • Digital photography is now a main focus with professional photographers.

4. When Buying A Digital Camera

  • Do
  • Do Not
  • Research
  • Ask questions
  • Check online blogs on the camera
  • Buy insurance on the camera
  • Rely on consumer reports alone
  • Grab the first camera you come to

5. Conclusion

  • Choose what camera is comfortable and easy to use for you. No matter what type you choose you can have beautiful pictures if you know how to use your camera right.