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<ul><li> 1. Digital360<br /></li> <li> 2. Contents<br />Goals<br />Channels<br />People<br />Brands<br /></li> <li> 3. It is not about good old 360<br />Press<br />TV<br />Idea<br />Digital<br />OOH<br />In-Store<br /></li> <li> 4. Digital is no longer just one of channels to put your ad in<br />Press<br />Fixed well formulated one channel-neutral idea<br />TV<br />Idea<br />Digital<br />OOH<br />And in digital we will have flash-game<br />In-Store<br /></li> <li> 5. THERE ARE MORE AND MORE SITUATIONS WHEN DIGITAL IS TAKEN AS A SEPARATE ENVIRONMENT- Brand is digital (, Digital is the only media for campaign (totally digital project) the best job in the world- Digital becomes serious selling channel (Braun blender)- Brand decides to have its natural long-term presence (Red Bull)<br /></li> <li> 6. It is a multichannel space itself The most multichannel actuallywhere different instruments and channels have different functionality and effectiveness for different tasks<br /></li> <li> 7. And a proper short-term or long-term media mix with proper goal and role of each digital channel should be developed<br /></li> <li> 8. To be done 1Set the goalS<br /></li> <li> 9. Example 1Short-term initiative with overall goal QUICKLY DRIVE SALES<br />Interest<br />Trial<br />Awareness<br />Word of mouth (Leads to the site)<br />Product immersion<br />Ultimate Purchase motivation<br /></li> <li> 10. Example 1Short-term initiative with overall goal QUICKLY DRIVE SALES<br />Interest<br />Trial<br />Awareness<br />Word of mouth (Leads to the site)<br />Product immersion<br />Ultimate Purchase motivation<br /></li> <li> 11. Example 2Long-term online brand presence to GROW BRAND COMMUNITY<br />Loyalty<br />Interest<br />Awareness<br />Support fans communication<br />Involve new people in community<br />Make others know about community and its life<br /></li> <li> 12. To be done 2Know people<br /></li> <li> 13. The question is could you put THE SAME KEY VISUAL or fixed well formulated idea in all channels IN THE SAME WAY?<br /></li> <li> 14. No<br /><br /></li> <li> 15. 1. People are changingPeople become more powerful in terms of choice<br /></li> <li> 16. The ultimate goal of new paradigm is to make people to be interested and explore information about your brand ON EACH STAGE IN EACH CHANNEL<br />Interest<br />Trial<br />Awareness<br />Word of mouth (Leads to the site)<br />Product immersion<br />Ultimate Purchase motivation<br /></li> <li> 17. Digital is different lets have provocative video on youtube and people will love us <br />No they will not people didnt become stupid or naive!<br />If after this video people are led to the difficult boring site<br />OR SITE IS OK BUT VIDEO DIDNT PREPARE PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY WILL SEE (THERE IS NO LINK)<br />PEOPLE WILL LEAVE<br />YOU NEED TO FIGHT FOR CONSUMER ATTENTION ON EACH STAGE FROM THE VERY BEGINNING<br /></li> <li> 18. To be interesting again and again on each stage of communication we need to USE SPECIFIC PSYCHO NEEDS OF PEOPLE WHEN THEY ARE IN EACH CHANNEL<br /></li> <li> 19. 2. People are DifferentYou should always add INFORMATIONAL ACTIVITY to all socio-demo-psycho brand TA criteria <br /></li> <li> 20. FOR EACH SPECIFIC GOAL <br />AND EACH SPECIFIC CHANNEL <br />YOU NEED TO DEVELOP DECISION WHICH WILL <br />INVOLVE MAXIMUM USERS OF DIFFERENT INFORMATIONAL ACTIVITY TYPE<br /></li> <li> 21. Why do you need digital now?<br />ONE BIG COMMUNICATION GOAL<br />What should be a consumer digital journey?<br />Goal 1<br />(Attract)<br />Goal 2<br />(Involve in product)<br />Goal 2<br />(Persuade)<br />Where it will happen?<br />Facebook<br />Facebook<br />Product site<br />Youtube<br />Product site<br />On-line magazine<br />Banners<br />AdWords<br />Promo-site<br />How to involve?<br />Facebook<br />How we involve creators?<br />How we involve critics?<br />How we involve collectors?<br />How we involve joiners?<br />How we spectators?<br /></li> <li> 22. Media<br />360in terms of digital channels 2 be used<br />360 in terms of each channel functions for different types of information consumers<br />People<br />Single-mindedness<br />&amp;<br />one Big Idea<br />STILL TRUE?<br />Brand&amp; Idea<br /></li> <li> 23. What is going on with brands?<br /></li> <li> 24. 3. Brands are changingDriven by changes in 1) consumer specifics2) product distribution specifics3) media specifics<br /></li> <li> 25. </li> <li> 26. Long tail economic paradigm<br />Pareto distribution curve illustrating the 80/20 principle .<br />The black part of the curve are the hits the 20% of clients bring you 80% of the profits<br /></li> <li> 27. Reason 1. Distribution trends<br />While Wal-mart can stock only 4,500 unique albums (amounting to 25,000 songs) on its shelves, Rhapsody stores as many as 1.5 millionunique song tracks on its servers<br /></li> <li> 28. Reason 2. Media specifics<br />For as little as one US cent, any one of us can place an online advertisement on a site anywhere in the world<br />Google is tapping not the mega-advertisers but advertisers of any sort and size<br /></li> <li> 29. Reason 2. Media specifics<br />Everyone is welcome to become MEDIA<br />You dont have to be a media conglomerate to make money by displaying ads - a simple humble blog will do. All you have to do is sign up with Google AdSense<br /></li> <li> 30. Total media democratization<br /></li> <li> 31. most of the principles of brand-building were formulated at a time when mass media with its HIT-DRIVEN ECONOMICS was at its prime<br />Its purveyors took the scarcity of media ( )and limited exposure time for granted for they couldnt even fathom a world of media abundance and audience fragmentation.<br /></li> <li> 32. the changes<br />1950 - 2005<br />2005 - ETC<br />TIMES OF SCARCITY<br />Scarcity of time (15 sec) time<br />Scarcity of interaction<br />Scarcity of choice<br />one-size-fits-all products<br />SINGLE-MINDED-MESSAGE<br />Repeat the same message many many times over - more number of times the consumer gets to listen/see/read a message, the more strongly he will associate it with the brand, right?<br />TIMES OF ABUNDANCE<br />Abundant shelf space<br />Abundant distribution (in media channels and bandwidth) <br />Abundant choice<br />customized products<br />BRAND PROPOSITIONS TAILOR-MADE FOR EACH OF OUR NICHE AUDIENCES <br />The more abundant the storage and distribution, the less discriminating you have to be in how you use it.<br /></li> <li> 33. So whats the option?<br />or lets reject this situation<br /></li> <li> 34. Theres nothing sacrosanct about the single-minded brand proposition. Nothing to defend<br />In fact, in internet it is<br />easy to prove that it is <br />a wrong strategy to follow<br />just think of adwordsstrategy<br /></li> <li> 35. The long tail of brand building<br /></li> <li> 36. advertising agencys task is to engineer a hit a task made infinitely more difficult because there is only one product to get it right and there is no way to hedge ones bets.<br /></li> <li> 37. But what of the other equally viable brand ideas for the same brand? They probably cant end up as hits and attract audiences by the millions, but they too can have their own niche audiences numbering in the thousands, hundreds, tens or even ones and twos. But the harsh economics of a hit-driven world mean that theres no place for them.<br />A healthy and complete long tail of the brand. The primary proposition stills draws the hits. But abundant shelf-space and low distribution costs enable the brand to connect with every niche idea with its own set of loyal consumers.<br /></li> <li> 38. The task of the advertising agency here is to generate all the myriad communication messages with which people could relate to a brand and create communication for them all<br /></li> <li> 39. VOLVO EXAMPLE<br />Volvos primary brand proposition could continue to be safety. But here are lots of people for whom its European-ness and cool design and very valuable<br /> Long tail businesses treat consumers as individuals, offering mass customization as an alternative to mass market fare.<br /></li> <li> 40. People can help<br />More and more brands ask people to create an ad for them or express their opinion about why they like or why brand is valuable<br /></li> <li> 41. CHEVY EXAMPLE<br />Chevy recently ran a contest in North America for consumers to create their own commercials for Chevy Tahoe, their most profitable model. An online micro-site provided participants all the raw video footage required participants could mix and match the material and assemble a commercial to their own script<br />In four weeks, the contest attracted more than 30,000 entries far more than can have been done by a paid team of experts, no matter how large.<br /></li> <li> 42. CONTEXT CAN HELP<br />Studying specific profile of specific digital tribes (site users) you can find new proper propositions<br /></li> <li> 43. NEGATIVE CAN HELP<br />Create negative database for your brand characteristics which conflict with others<br />If Volvo stands for safe to drive it cant stand for dangerous to drive but still can be thrilling to drive<br /></li> <li> 44. SIMPLICITY CAN HELP<br />Dont marry 2 benefits in one difficult to get feature keep them 2 as equals<br /></li> <li> 45. The result<br /></li> <li> 46. STRUCTURIZED BRAND COMPLEXITY<br />CLOUD TAG IS A FUTURE OF BRAND VISUALISATION<br /></li> <li> 47. Media<br />360in terms of digital channels 2 be used<br />360 in terms of each channel functions for different types of information consumers<br />People<br />360<br />in meaning<br />NUMEROUS BRAND PROPOSITIONS <br /> - <br />Brand&amp;its Idea<br /></li> <li> 48. Resume<br />WHILE MAKING CREATIVE FOR DIGITAL:<br />Set up the overall goal of your presence in digital why are you here?<br />Understand all possible consumer informational paths (as if banners dont exist) inside Digital world understand touchpoints/channels<br />Explore specific functionality of each channel to interact with different types of information consumers inside each of them<br />Understand what brand proposition better fits each of the channels<br />Create small specific decision for each of channel<br /></li> <li> 49. Thank you!<br /></li> </ul>