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<p>Different Features of ADA Compliant Signage</p> <p>Different Features of ADA Compliant SignageEver wonder what features ADA signs come with?</p> <p>Different kinds of ADA signs come with different kinds of features</p> <p>Some of these come with braille translations (and are sometimes called braille signs).</p> <p>And some come with tactile characters</p> <p>Others come with pictograms that are easy to distinguish like the ISA and the man and woman figure which can all be seen on bathroom signs</p> <p>These need to be made using materials that are non-glare and not shiny.</p> <p>And should use fonts that are considered sans serif.</p> <p>In order for sign to be considered ADA compliant, these rules and many more need to be followed.</p> <p>For more details on these signs, and other signs that can be customized, do feel free to visit www.signcollection.com today!</p>