demonetisation: lest we forget an exclusionary benchmark ... demonetisation: lest we forget it is...

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    Why Should We Care About Development Finance? ...because it's our money! Volume 2, Issue 17, November 09, 2018

    Demonetisation: Lest we Forget

    It is pertinent that shroud of secrecy around demonetisation is unveiled and details of decision- making pertaining to demonetisation are made public. Its impacts on people and economy needs to be enquired by credible bodies and made available for public scrutiny. Responsible people found in the enquiry should be held accountable. Read More...

    An exclusionary benchmark The celebration of ease of business rankings and ignoring of other aspects of development as manifested through scores of indices on malnutrition, hunger, education, workers rights, inequality does, of course, demonstrate the priorities of the current government. Read More...

    Suing the World Bank Group to save its mission The IFC’s management may be opposed to this lawsuit; nobody likes being sued. But anyone who supports its mission of ending poverty and sharing sustainable prosperity should hope that it loses this case.

    Immunity from consequences can lead to reckless behavior, and that is exactly what happened here. Read More...

    Special Transcript of the Oral Arguments Audio Recording of the Oral Arguments

    Conference on Global Financial Crisis: A Decade after Lehman December 3-4, 2018 Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi

    This September marked the

    10th year of the global financial crisis. A decade later, the world economy still feels the reverberations of the crisis. The attempts to re-stabilise and more importantly to prevent another economic meltdown started immediately after the crisis. In the last ten years, there has been a significant re-structuring of the financial landscape by regulating financial institutions. Read More...

    Centre for Financial Accountability, New Delhi

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