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  • 1. Facebook / Twitter & Your Dive CenterMaking Social Networks Work for You Jennifer Shaheen[email protected] | #SDIDema2011

2. Who Am I & Why Am I QualifiedJennifer Shaheen President & Technology Therapist Technology Therapy Group has beenaround since 1997 and we are a fullservice web design, development andmarketing firm.Specialize in online marketing forsmall to mid size [email protected] | 3. The Social SphereWhats Going On The [email protected] | 4. SOURCE: THE NIELSEN COMPANY, NOVEMBER [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 5. SOURCE: EMARKETER, FEBRUARY [email protected] | 6. SOURCE: EMARKETER, MAY [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 7. SOURCE: AMERICAN EXPRESS, SEPTEMBER [email protected] | 8. Before We Go Online. Lets Discuss Getting Social Face to [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 9. How Do You Connect Offline? What do you do now to better understand your customers? How is your word of mouth? How do you handle reviews and [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 10. The Key to Successful Social Media is: Knowing who your customer is What they want to talk about What got them into diving What keeps them diving What their concerns [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 11. Social Media Etiquette Every social outlet has rules of engagement: 1. When using social networks be personable anddont spam! 2. Learn what acceptable best practices are on thetool you use. 3. Monitor your brand. 4. Thank people who take the time to talkabout [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 12. @sditdierdi | #SDIDema2011 13. @sditdierdi | #SDIDema2011 14. @sditdierdi | #SDIDema2011 15. Logged Out 16. Logged In 17. Facebook [email protected] | 18. Facebook Page Tips Post daily Use Facebook tools like questions Create daily themes Review Facebook insights and sharing for data [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 19. Facebook Facts 2011 July Facebook reaches over 750 million active [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 20. Facebook [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 21. Facebook [email protected] | 22. @sditdierdi | #SDIDema2011 23. @sditdierdi | #SDIDema2011 24. @sditdierdi | #SDIDema2011 25. @sditdierdi | #SDIDema2011 26. @sditdierdi | #SDIDema2011 27. Tracking Your [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 28. Twitter Tips Use Twitter apps to stay organized Reply to all [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 29. Twitter Tips Use Twitter apps to stay organized Reply to all [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 30. Twitter Tips Plan out your tweets around services you are trying to promote along with information that makes you an expert. Create lists and add those you want to build stronger relationships with to those lists. Build relationships with other influencers on Twitter in your local area and promote each [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 31. Social Mention [email protected] | #SDIDema2011 32. @sditdierdi | #SDIDema2011 33. Need Specific Attention for Your Business?Schedule a Private Therapy Session888-874-7400Websites:Connect:[email protected] | #SDIDema2011