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  • 1. HowtoRemoveAKM Police inEasySteps
  • 2. Things I Will be Covering in this Video: What is AKM Police Symptoms of Infection Best Antivirus Solution What to Do When Infected
  • 3. AKMPoliceissuchtypeofTrojandesignedbyhackerstosteal financial information of users. It easily gain access totarget machine through free software downloads, filesharingsites,spamemailattachmentsormaycomebundleswith other legit files. Once installed, it keep irritating youwithunwantedpopupsnomatterhowhardyoutrytogetrid of them. It may known by several names like TrojanBancos, Trojan.Banker, Banker.Trojan, Trojan.B or other.The purpose of this cunning Trojan is to collect your username, password, banking account information and otherdataandsendittoitscreator.
  • 4. SignsandSymptoms ofBancos TrojanInfection
  • 5. SuspiciousandUnrecognizedFiles in Startup Utility like bot1.exe and explorer.exe
  • 6. http://www.howtofixerror. com
  • 7. PasswordsareChangedAutomatically And that too Without Your Consent or Knowledge
  • 8. http://www.howtofixerror. com
  • 9. SometimesAKMPolicemightredirect searchresultstomalicioussitesto purchase antivirus software However you should not fall trap to such misgivings as the software Is completely rogue in nature
  • 10. BestPaidAntivirusSoftwareto Provide System Protection against viruses like AKM Police:
  • 11.
  • 12. FeaturesofSpyHunterPrevent all Virus, Spyware and MalwareImprove your PC performance and efficiencyLighter on system resources and usagesProtect you from other online attacks while you onlineProvide instant remote tech support 7 days a week
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