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  • 1. The skyline of the poster says Based on a true storywhich adds to the fear of the film as it is believable andfeels real. It also says this in a shot in the trailer so itreminds people of this fact. It is also written in capitalsto make it stand out and is placed against a contrastingbackground to help this.The title of the film is written, again, in capitals to drawattention to it. It is also smeared to make it look oldand worn almost mimicking the features of the strangebox seen in the trailer. It looks like an old movie filmwhere burns and fades would appear in the film reelthat would project onto a screen, showing that thepossession itself is ancient and has been around formany years.The tagline of Darkness Lives Inside creates an Enigmaand gives an inkling to the idea that the darkness, orthe possession, is actually living inside. It is also inseparate shots in the trailer, showing that this is one ofthe main phrases that they are using to market thefilm.The date is written among all of the credits in the poster. This is writtenin red to highlight this from the rest of the text and it also connotesblood. It is written inside the rest of the text, which goes with the taglineand shows that the darkness lives inside.

2. The main image of the hand appearing fromthis girls mouth matches the tagline that thedarkness lives inside. It also matches shots inthe trailer where a hand emerges from insidethe young girls mouth and also her fathers.The overall colour scheme of the poster is verysimple colours. Black and white are mainlyused and the lighting focuses on the face andthe top of the poster, whereas the bottom ofthe poster is dark. The girls clothing ishighlighted in green, which suggests that shehas been admitted to a hospital as green is thecolour of the gowns and, when compared tothe trailer, this is where we see the girltowards the end. The skin contrasts as the girlhas a smooth, white face, whereas the hand iscovered in scars and dirt. The hand alsoappears to be old, which matches the idea thatthe possession is an ancient force that haslived for centuries. 3. The overall colour scheme of the poster is black and white. Thebackground is black and draws attention to the main image thata=has been highlighted with lighting. The rest of the text is written inwhite to contrast with the background.The skyline is a quote from a news reporter, showing that he has aninterest in the film and and has given Crowley a high status of honor.Hatchet is written in a bold font in capitals and resembles the shapeof an actual hatchet. The sharp edges look similar to the edges of thehatchet blade. The tagline of Old school American horror showsthat it aims to be as good as old horrors and not be like the modernhorrors that we see that fail to entertain us. When watching thetrailer I found that the entire film is made to look like an old horrorfilm. The costume and effects are similar to those in 1970s films andthe fake blood is made to look extremely fake like it did decades ago.I think they have done this as many people prefer old horrors to new,so instead of creating a new film that looks new they have decidedto create a new film in the style of an old one. 4. The main image is of a hatchet, which shows that the story ofthe film is likely to involve murders with a hatchet. It is also thename of title of the film so it helps people understand what ahatchet is.The credits are written in small text andcontain the logos of the creators. They arewritten small as they are not what attractssomeone to a film, unless a big star is acting init, but they would appear at the top of theposter.The lighting reflects off the axe, which The website is given so that people can look into thehighlights it from the rest of the film further and find more information.content. It also makes it seem more real The tagline stay out of the swamp shows that theand makes it clear that it is an axe or asetting is in a swamp and that there is somethinghatchet. dangerous within. This line is also said by a young child at the end of the film, which shows that this is a feature in their marketing campaigns and will be remembered by viewers and when they see other advertisements they will realise that they are part of the same film.