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Deconstructing Contents for AS Media Studies


  • 1. This magazine usesimages to advertisearticles within thecontents page.Those could be themain articles thatare included in themagazine.Title of the pagealso shoes theissue number anddate of release.Articles are splitinto differentsections whichmake it moreorganized andtherefor easier tofind specific articleswithin this issue.Sections show thatreaders of thisparticular magazineare interested inlive music andfollow the works ofspecific artists.The editors notediscusses what isincluded in thisissue. This makesthe magazine moreengaging with itsreaders.Articles areadvertised withartists names inbold, making theirname the main thingthat will attractreaders attention.This shows thatreaders will have aprior knowledge tothe different artiststhat theyreinterested in readingabout.Including asubscriptionadvertisement on thecontents page ensuresthat readers will see it.Deconstructing Contents Pages.

2. The magazine logo isdisplayed on the contentspage, and it as beenmodified to identify whatissue of the magazine it isand when it was released.The main articles aredisplayed using images ofthe artists that theyreabout. The images alsoinclude what section andwhat page their feature ison so that its easier forreaders to notice andfine. This shows thatreaders will recognizeartists their interested inby images of them andnot just of the artistsThe magazine is split into name.sections, however thiscontents does not includeThe editors note includeda specific list of featuresis very impersonal, whichwith page numbers, butshows that the magazinerather a short paragraphis trying to relate togiving a rough outline ofreaders more. The editorswhat is included in thatnote also seemssection. Artists names aresympathetic towardsshown in a bold font inissues with the peopleorder to draw attentionand place emphasis ontheir name as one of thefeatures.featured in the magazinewhich could mean thatreaders expect a lot fromthis particular magazine. 3. The contents page ofthis magazine is alsosplit into sections. Theregular columnsuggests that readersknow what to expectfrom this magazine. Forthe main features thereis no specific emphasison artists names butrather the emphasis ison the full headlines,showing that readersmay not just read thismagazine for who is init.Related image areused with certainarticles to drawattention ratherthan just the artistsname.The review section islarger than the others,showing that it is animportant part of themagazine. In this sectionartists names are shownin a bold red font so thatreaders can easily seewho is included in thatsection in this specificissue.Theres also anadvertisement showingthat the magazine alsoincludes other reviewsand not just musicreviews, suggesting thatthe readers expectvariety.The advertisementto subscribeincludes a title thatwill stand out toensure that readerwill notice it.