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DAV Movements DAV Public School JIND

INDEXAbout DAVArya SamajDAV and Arya SamajDAV MovementsDAV starts many movements for the welfare of the society.DAV is an institute which is unaffected by cateism, regionalism or any type of such difference and hence work for all sections of society equally.DAV movements include social. Educational, preventive, etc movementsSOCIAL MOVEMENTS Social worksDAV institute runs with the aim of providing help and support to every needy person as like a family member. DAV do many social events. After a regular gap of time period DAV organise a big marriage function in which many poor couples are given free clothes, food and other items and some marriages are done with the permission of their parents free. DAV is a national famous institute. In its success there is a big helping hand i.e. the blessings of poor persons.DAV please do not discontinue to help the poor personsEDUCATIONAL MOVEMENTSAmeliorative programsAmeliorative ProgrammesPreventive ProgrammesPreventive Movements

In our point of view DAV is doing very well in mankind specially for people living in remote areasPreventive MovementsTo Empower WomenTo empower women from the lower strata DAV is giving free training in cutting, stching, ambroidery, doll making in several institutes in ranchi, Delhi, Haryana, Manipur and other places. Women are also educated in compute, drawing and all other subjects.

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