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<ul><li><p>Fakhar Abbas Khan </p><p>4-C, Sherwani House Model Town Lahore </p><p>Cell No: 0333-6198398 </p><p>E-mail: </p><p>___________________________________________________________________________ </p><p>Objective: To use my skills and potential to assist an organization in achieving its goals, which seeking long term career with optimum growth. This objective would be supported by my qualification and work experience. </p><p>Professional Experience: </p><p>July 2013 - Tariq Mian Ramzan Arshad &amp; Co </p><p>Present Manager Tax &amp; Audit </p><p> Assisting clients with tax planning, refund analysis. </p><p> Preparation and filling of income tax returns of corporate and non-corporate clients. </p><p> Preparation and filling of sales tax returns of corporate and non-corporate clients. </p><p> Guidance of income tax and sales tax withholdings to clients. </p><p> Preparation, filling and processing of sales tax refunds both electronically and </p><p>physically of corporate and non-corporate clients. </p><p> Preparation filling and processing of income tax refunds both electronically and </p><p>physically of corporate and non-corporate clients. </p><p> Reviewing tax returns and recommendation of tax savings opportunities. </p><p> Maintaining a good working relationship with clients to enhance customer </p><p>satisfaction and work with client management and staff at all levels to perform </p><p>tax services. </p><p> Prepare and present the cases of audit and assessments to tax officials on behalf of </p><p>clients. </p><p> Proactively interaction with directors and senior managers in preparation and filling of </p><p>appeals to commissioner appeal and appellate tribunal. </p><p> Internal auditing and control of various clients. </p><p> Audit of financial statement and preparation of final accounts of corporate clients. </p><p>Feb 2011 Tariq Mustafa Ramzan &amp; Co </p><p>June 2013 Accounts and Tax Executive </p><p> Accounting services to clients (managing vendors, customers, banks, payroll) Effective conversion of manual accounting records of different clients businesses </p><p>into computerized accounting. Implementation of computerized accounting. Assisting engagement partner in internal and external audits. Preparation &amp; filling sales tax returns Filling withholding tax statements Online tax payments Preparation of workings for income tax Filling of statutory forms and returns to SECP. </p></li><li><p> Company file inspection </p><p> Income tax &amp; sales tax registration and related matters. </p><p>Jun 2009 Medi Flair Pharmaceuticals </p><p>Dec 2010 Accounts Officer </p><p> Checking all types of payments like payments to suppliers, service providers; </p><p> Finalizing monthly stock valuation and control of inventory flow. </p><p> Finalizing costing results for the month including cost of goods sold and Variance </p><p>calculations. </p><p> Reconciliation of Bank statement &amp; Party Ledgers </p><p>Education: BSc. </p><p>Certifications: CMA Finalist </p><p>Skills: QuickBooks, Peachtree Computerized Accounting, Microsoft Dynamic GP </p><p> Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook </p></li></ul>