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<ul><li><p>CULTURE SECTOR CULTURAL HERITAGE DIVISION </p></li><li><p>., , </p><p>LEBANON, Tyre, Roman ruins (Mounir Bouchenaki). </p><p>Cover Photo: CAMBODIA. Angkor: Dancers in the temple of Preah Khan, under the lintel called Dancers Gate (Hang Leisen) </p><p>2 </p></li><li><p>F rom Abu Simbel to Angkor, UNESCOs efforts in favour of world heritage have proven themselves. All people, during the course of their travels, can measure the route taken over the past fifty years. A number of monumental sites, not long ago threatened by disappearance and neglect, have been reborn thanks to a growing mobilisation of the international community: others are on their way to renovation. The preservation of humankinds masterpieces, regardless of their geographic location, appears now to be a collective responsibility. </p><p>For UNESCO, this safeguarding mission extends also to intangible heritage: song, dance. oral traditions, architectural know-how, and craftsmanship. The transmission of these cultural expressions, often uncertain, is in many ways threatened by modernity. They are however essential to the identity of human groups and, because of this, to human diversity. They must also be protected. </p><p>Enhancing and promoting these testimonies of History, whether tangible or not, in order to nourish universal memory, such are our objectives. If we want to attain them, it is necessary for the public and private sectors to unite. We must, then, forge partnerships with large enterprises, foundations or associations as well as with individuals. Let those who have already responded to our call here receive our gratitude. They should also know that their contributions have given rise to further initiatives - thus a human chain is built. We must continue. </p><p>Indeed, we must continue. There is no creativity without memory. This is our responsibility with regard to future generations. </p><p>Federico Mayor Director-General of UNESCO </p><p>3 </p></li><li><p>PROTECTING OURHERITAGE NORMATIVE ACTION </p><p>Major objective: to promote the adoption and implementation of national and international standards of protection. </p><p>The Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict (1954) - In force in 90 States - Respect for cultural property - Abstention from any act of hostility and </p><p>reprisal in regard to monuments, museums, and other cultural property. </p><p>- Prohibition of acts of pillage and vandalism during armed conflicts. </p><p>Examples : Angkor, Dubrovnik, Kabul Museum . </p><p>PROJECTS IN PROGRESS </p><p>l Strengthening of the protection of cultural property under international law: preparation of supplementary normative texts. </p><p>l Organisation of training workshops </p><p>l Publications and films to promote the Convention. </p><p>Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property (1970) </p><p>CROATIA, Dubrovnik on fire (UNESCO). l In force in 88 States. </p><p>l The theft and illicit traffic of works of art and archaeological objects are an international scourge. </p><p>l A remedy: international co-operation The Convention encourages training workshops and co-operation between museums, police forces and customs authorities. Example : The United States has banned the import of cultural goods from Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mali and Peru. </p><p>AFGHANISTAN. Kabul Museum (Andrea Bruno). BOSNIA and HERZOCOVINA, Mostar Bridge after destruction (UNESCO). </p><p>4 </p></li><li><p>PROTECTING OURHERITAGE NORMATIVE ACTION </p><p>PROJECTS IN PROGRESS </p><p>l Organisation of workshops. </p><p>l Improvement of the co-ordination of data banks on stolen cultural property. </p><p>l Preventive measures in collaboration with ICOM. ICOMOS and UNIDROIT (Convention put into force in 1998). </p><p>l Drafting of international codes of conduct for private collectors and dealers in cultural property. </p><p>Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage (1972) l In force in 156 States. </p><p>l 582 cultural and natural sites included on the World Herita </p><p>Ei e List: 445 cultural, 11 7 natural </p><p>and 20 mixe in 1 14 countries. </p><p>l Identify, protect and preserve heritage considered to have the utmost universal value for humanity. </p><p>l Support the preservation efforts of States party to the Convention. </p><p>l Follow up on the conservation and protection of the sites. </p><p>l Provide emergency technical assistance for sites in immediate danger. </p><p>l Encourage international co-operation. </p><p>l Incite local participation in the conservation of heritage. </p><p>l Promote the conservation of sites through education and public information. </p><p>The responsibility for the enforcement of the World Heritage Convention rests with the World Heritage Centre. </p><p>The protection of underwater cultural heritage. </p><p>A plan for a convention on the protection of underwater heritage is currently being prepared with OMI. ICOMOS and the United Nations Office for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea. </p><p>Titanic wreckage, dishware (Taurus International). </p><p>l A statement: Technological developments and uncontrolled treasure hunting are a growing threat to underwater cultural heritage. </p><p>l A remedy: Prepare a Convention to protect this heritage. </p><p>l A project: Protect shipwrecks and other elements of underwater cultural heritage considered to have value essential to the history of humanity. </p><p>Ten recommendations set out the principles which the States are invited to use as guidelines in their policy for protecting heritage. </p><p>MAURITANIA, Oualata: Woman painting the et-trash, a traditional wall decoration (UNESCO / 5. Robert). </p><p>Palestinian embroidery (Inash Association). </p><p>5 </p></li><li><p>PROTECTING OUR HERITAGE OPERATIONAL ACTION </p><p>1 EGYPT </p><p>2 ITALY </p><p>3 TUNISIA </p><p>4 INDONESIA </p><p>5 PAKISTAN </p><p>6 GREECE </p><p>7 MAURITANIA Ancient cities of OUADANE, TICHITT CHINCUETFI, and OUALATA - 1981 </p><p>2 1 GUATEMALA </p><p>8 THAILAND City of SUKHOTHAI - 1979 22 BANGLADESH </p><p>INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGNS </p><p>Monuments of NUBIA - 1960 -1980 </p><p>City of VENICE - 1966 </p><p>Archaeological Site of CARTHAGE - 1972 </p><p>14 HAITI </p><p>15 VIETNAM </p><p>16 EGYPT </p><p>Temple of BOROBUDUR - 1972 </p><p>MOENJODARO - 1974 </p><p>Acropolis of ATHENS - 1977 </p><p>17 CUBA </p><p>18 TURKEY </p><p>19 YEMEN 20 </p><p>9 NEPAL KATMANDU Valley - 1979 23 PERU </p><p>10 MALTA Historic monuments and sites of MALTA - 1980 </p><p>24 ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, PARAGUAY </p><p>11 SENEGAL Architectural heritage of the Island of COREE - 1980 </p><p>25 ETHIOPIA </p><p>12 MOROCCO City of FEZ - 1980 26 LEBANON </p><p>13 SRI LANKA Cultural triangle -1980 27 AFGHANISTAN </p><p>Monuments and Sites of HAITI - 1980 </p><p>Cultural heritage of the city of HUE - 1981 </p><p>Creation of the Museum of Nubia in ASWAN (inaugurated in 1998) and of the National Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in CAIRO - 1982 </p><p>City of HAVANA (Plaza Vieja) - 1983 </p><p>ISTANBUL and GOREME - 1983 </p><p>Historic city of SANAA - 1984 City of SHIBAM and WADI HADRAMAOUT - 1984 </p><p>Architectural heritage of GUATEMALA - 1985 </p><p>Monuments and ancient sites of PAHARPUR VIHARA, as well as those of the mosque-city of BACERHAT - 1985 </p><p>Architectural complex of SAN FRANCISCO DE LIMA - 1987 </p><p>Jesuit missions to the GUARANIS - 1985 </p><p>Principal monuments and sites of ETHIOPIA - 1989 </p><p>Archaeological site of TYRE and its surroundings - 1998 </p><p>Monuments and sites of HERAT (in preparation) </p><p>6 </p></li><li><p>PROTECTING OUR HERITAGE SAFEGUARDING ACTION </p><p>A living heritage, instrument of development, thanks to national mobilisation and international solidarity. </p><p>l After the largest archaeological salvage of all time. the one of Abu Simbel in Egypt, the restoration of the temple of Borobudur in Indonesia and the preservation of the archaeological site of Moenjodaro in Pakistan, UNESCO continues to fight for the safeguard of numerous sites throughout the world. </p><p>l An international campaign is the object of a resolution adopted during a UNESCO General Conference by its Member States. </p><p>l The plan of action for an international campaign adopts a global approach, both thorough and multidisciplinary. Reaching beyond the work of safeguarding, the plan of action takes into account the socio-economic situation and aims to generate a dynamic of development in favour of the communities participating in the establishment and preservation of peace in regions plagued by war. </p><p>- Restoration, enhancement, and long-term maintenance of monuments, sites, and museums both in their authenticity and in their contemporary lives. </p><p>- Protection of their environment. Revitalisation of art, traditional techniques. and trades. </p><p>l The realisation of international campaign operations requires the mobilisation of substantial technical and financial resources from a large number of organisations, institutions, and individuals. </p><p>IRAN. Tchogha Zanbil. Ziggurat and temples (D.A.F.I.) </p><p>EGYPT, Aswan. Nubia Museum (M. Courdon) </p><p>MALI, Djenne, architecture in mud and stones (A.Woff). </p><p>ERITREA, Massawa. Governors Palace (F. Siravo) </p><p>EXAMPLES OF FUNDS ALREADY MADE AVAILABLE </p><p>Nubia 40.272.506 $ Venice 15.425.000 $ Borobudur 6.901.243 $ Carthage 1.416.973 $ Moenjodaro 8.083.447 $ Haiti 4.638.327 $ </p><p>Among the priority international campaigns, a series of concrete projects still require international financial and technical aid: C&amp;a, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Lebanon, fthmcco, Mauritania, Turkey, Vet Nam. Yemen. </p><p>7 </p></li><li><p>PftOTECTlNG OUR HERITAGE SAFEGUARDING ACTION </p><p>A few examples of projects in progress and in the future that call for partnership. </p><p>Outside of these international campaigns, several operational safeguarding projects have been put into action, at the request of Member States, for monuments and sites that suffered damage from armed conflict, natural catastrophes, pollution, the ravages of time, or from abandon and human neglect. </p><p>EGYPT, Abu Simbel (Pictor /nternational/ A. Smith). </p><p>CAMBODIA. Angkor (UNESCO) </p><p>PAKISTAN, Moenjodaro. Bust of a priest-king (UNESCO). </p><p>EMERGENCY SAFEGUARDIN OPERATIONS </p><p>Examples Kingdom of Cambodia. Angkor Restoration of temples and training $12,050,000 Japanese Funds-in-trust : 1 ,Wi,EW; French Funds-in-trust </p><p>. :.Jian Funds-in-trust </p><p>Croatia. Dubrovnik Roof restoration 5 200.000 - UNESCO Emergency Funds </p><p>Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Museum $ 100.000 - UNE. lmergency Funds Plan for the rehabilitation of Mcr+ar 5 220.000 - Italian Funds-in-trust Restoration of the Tabacica Mosque in Mostar $ 192,000 - Saudi Arabia Funds-in-trust </p><p>Palestinian Autonomous Territories Bethlehem, Caza, Hebron, Jericho, Naplouse Preservation of arch&gt;+-- heritage, training, st $ 323,000 - Italian FL,,.- ($ 223,000 for the Plan of Action in Bethlehem and 5 100,000 - for the mosaics of Jericho) $ 50.000 - Norwegian Funds-in-trust for the site of Jericho </p><p>Old City of Jerusalem Preservation of cultural heritage and training $ 2,3GO,OOO - 5 d A b F d - -t au 1 ra la un s In rus t 5 131,000 - Special contributions for Jerusalem (Cyprus, Indonesia, Malta, Pakistan, Qatar, Sao Tome and Principe) </p><p>PALt, ,,+\45 TERRITOPCC -L Mosaic from the Palace of Hisham </p><p>8 </p></li><li><p>SAFEGUARDING OUR HERITAGE </p><p>Region Current Projects </p><p>AFRICA BENIN - Abomey Conservation and enhancement of the royal f;La;;;;nding: Italy </p><p>ETHIOPIA - Lalibela Conservation and enhancement of churches. Funding: European Community: $4.200.000 </p><p>LATIN CUBA - Havana AMERICA National Conservation. </p><p>Restoration. and Museology Center Funding: UNDP 5 1 ,ooo,OOo Regional UNESCO Chair devoted to heritage </p><p>ASIA AFGHANISTAN Preservation of Afghan cultural heritage Funding: Italy $113,000 </p><p>CHINA - Beijing Peking Man Preservation and enhancement of site. Funding sought: $500,000 </p><p>IRAN - Ziggurat MONGOLIA - Kharakorum de Choga Zanbil Preservation of the site of Conservation and the former caoital of the enhancement of site. Mongol Empire. Funding: Funding: Japan Japanese Funds-in-trust $500,000 $450,000 </p><p>PAKISTAN - Gandhara Conservation of Buddhist monuments. Funding: Japanese Funds-in-trust 5500,ooo </p><p>MYANMAR - Pagan Project of site plan director, preservation of monuments and promo- tion of cultural tourism </p><p>ARAB STATES </p><p>KUWEIT Conservation and restoration of the Islamic museum and its collection. Funding: UNDP !j 1,600,OOO </p><p>EGYPT - Islamic Cairo Restoration of a medersa and enhancement of Keyameya Street. Funding sought: $200,000 </p><p>OPERATIONAL PROJECTS </p><p>Future Projects </p><p>ERITREA - Asmara National Theater Museum Massawa Conservation of the old city Funding sought: $500,000 </p><p>MADAGASCAR Antananarivo Rehabilitation of the Rova Funding sought: $500,000 </p><p>PERU - Rapaz Restoration of Andean murals in various buildings. Funding sought: $100,000 </p><p>Region Current Projects </p><p>MOROCCO - Fez Restoration and conversion of Dar Adivel Palace into con\ervatory of Andalusian malhoun music. Funding: Italian Funds-in-trust: $746,500 </p><p>MAURITANIA Chinauetti and Ouadane ConsGrvation of manu- scripts. Funding: Rhdne-Poulenc. France. s 100,000 </p><p>YEMEN - Aden Renovation of ancient water tanks of Tawila and centre of historic documentation. Funding: UNDP $755,000 </p><p>EUROPE UZBEKISTAN AND FORMER Samarkand, Khiva, SOVIET Kokand, Bukhara. REPUBLICS Functional renovation </p><p>of the centre of the historic cities, preservation of monuments. Funding: UNDP $520,000 </p><p>GEORGIA Mtskheta Bagrati Djvary. Preservation of architectural monu- ment complexes and archaeological sites. Funding: UNDP $250,000 </p><p>Future Projects </p><p>MOROCCO - Marrakesh Restoration and reno- vation of five residences and interior gardens typical of earlier housing architecture Funds sought: 5 150,000 </p><p>LEBANON - Tyre Conservation of archaeological sites and restoration of the paleo- Christian basilica. Funds sought: $700,000 </p><p>YEMEN - Shibam Pilot project: restoration and development of an islet of buildings. Funds sought: $200,000 </p><p>ARMENIE - Erivan Restoration of national museums, preservation of Erebuni site. Funds sought: $1,500,000 </p><p>9 </p></li><li><p>ENHANCING OUR HERITAGE </p><p>RUSSIA. Saint Petersburg, Hermitage Museum (La Caixa/Camma/Patrimoine 200 I Winie Denker). </p><p>Development of museums </p><p>l Technical assistance to developing countries for the creation and/or enhancement of national museums. </p><p>l Technical support in the fields of inventory, storage, the protection of collections, supply of computer equipment and databases. </p><p>l Training of museologists, creation of internships, and establishment of networks for the exchange of information. </p><p>Examples : </p><p>l Completed project: Nubia Museum, Aswan (Egypt) Special Fund $ 3,935,082 </p><p>l Project in progress: Hermitage Museum, (Russian Federation) Special Fund: $ 1,700,OOO (Dutch Funds-in-trust) </p><p>l Project with first phase completed: National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina: $ 100,000 </p><p>l Publication: MUSEUM INTERNATIONAL </p><p>10 </p></li><li><p>ENHANCING OUR HERITAGE </p><p>Mechanisms for the protection, safeguarding, and enhancement of heritage </p><p>MAJOR AXES </p><p>International technical and scientific co-operation: technical studies, seminars, and the transfer of technology and know-how adapted to local conditions. </p><p>Implementation of safeguarding projects and archaeological excavations. </p><p>Training for the purpose of strengthening and developing national capabilities, workshops, scholarships, and internships. </p><p>Technical assistance: experts, logistic support. and specialised equipment. </p><p>Reviving of building and conservation techniques: wood, metal, stone, earth, plaster... </p><p>Exc...</p></li></ul>