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Cults คคคคคคคคคคคค •Most religions begin as a cult, and slowly become a “religion” as they get more respect from the world.

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  1. 1. Cults Most religions begin as a cult, andslowly become a religion as theyget more respect from the world.
  2. 2. Are cults bad? Most cults are not harmful. They are peacefuland not dangerous But many people are afraid of cults, because acult is usually new and different from normal.
  3. 3. Characteristicsof Cults 1. A guru becomes worshipped insteadof the ways of the religion 2. It tries to change peoples ways of thinkingand brainwashthem. 3. They take peoples money and abuse themsexually.
  4. 4. The Aum Shinrikyosect is a Japanesecult based onBuddhism, Hinduismand Christianity.The leader wasAsahara Shoko.He told people hewas Christreincarnated.
  5. 5. Tokyo Sarin GasAttacksOn March 20, 1995Aum Shinrikyomembers releasedsarin gas on Tokyosubways.13 people died and 50were injured.They wanted to causean armageddon.
  6. 6. Katsuya TakahashiThe last criminalfrom the Aumshinrikyo attackwas arrested inJapan a fewweeks ago.
  7. 7. David Koreshand the BranchDavidiansDavid Koreshconvincedpeople he wasthe secondcoming ofJesus.
  8. 8. Waco, TexasThe Americangovernment attackedthe Branch Davidiancommunity in 1993.There was a gunfightand fire.At least 85 peopledied.
  9. 9. Heavens Gate Cult In 1997, 39 cult members committed suicide.They lived an ascetic life.They wanted to go toa spaceship in acomet.
  10. 10. Group SuicideThey all killed themselves by drinking poison.They all had a purple cloth on their face andwore the same sneakers.
  11. 11. Jonestown900 people died bydrinking a poisonsugar drink.
  12. 12. Diamond Mountain
  13. 13. Ian Thorson And Christie McNally
  14. 14. Living in a cave
  15. 15. Dehydration
  16. 16. Zen Master Rama