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Modern day cargo cults - The Secret, Christian get rich evangelisers, wishful thinking


  • 1. Cargo CultsWhats in it for me?

2. World War IIin the South PacificNatives on many south Pacific islands had never beforeseen airplanes, modern war ships and other strange sights-- such as tanks, Jeeps and men wearing godlike clothing.Very often, cargo planes would parachute crates ofclothing, canned food, tents, weapons and other usefulstuff for the amazing new visitors -- who often shared thegoodies with the natives.But when the war ended, the soldiers left andall the stuff stopped dropping from the sky. 3. The natives assumed that all they had to do wasimitate the practices they had seen the soldiersperforming to make the sky gods come backwith all the neat stuff.Thus, they carved headphones from wood, andwore them while sitting in fabricated controltowers, or airplanes made of bamboo. Theywaved landing signals while standing on the oldrunways. 4. Members of the modern day John Frum cargo cult celebrate John Frum Dayin hope that their deity, John Frum, will bring them Cargo. 5. As a result of missionary efforts,Christianity and the myth of the cargointermix. The result is that the natives createtheir own version of Christianity inwhich Jesus makes the cargo inheaven, and only by being goodChristians can they receive the cargo. 6. Both are inexorably linked to commerce. Commerce is intended to carry, even to all the world, the blessedmessage of salvation. Anglican bishop Samuel Wilberforce in a sermon (1860) 7. Cargo Heaven is a concept of heaven as a placewhere all your material needs and wants are met. An example of this in Christianity is the belief thatthe streets of heaven are paved with gold. (aka:everyone is rich)-And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; each one of the gates was a single pearl.And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass. (Rev 21:21 NKJV) 8. God will make you richTV evangelists oftenpromise that if you give toGod (preferably 10%) thenGod will give to you. Sobelieve and you will besaved (financially that is).There is nothing mysterious about how you earn$US200 million ($215 million) a year promisingpeople prosperity, healing and eternal salvation. Noone knows how to do it better than Pastor BennyHinn. He was at the Brisbane Entertainment Centrelast month and the Hinn machine in action - healingand sucking in the money. 9. Do New Agers FollowCargo Cults?The Secret based on the Law of Attraction was a typeof Cargo CultA more modern consensus among New Thoughtthinkers is that the Law of Attraction says people'sthoughts (both conscious and unconscious) dictate thereality of their lives, whether or not they're aware of it.Essentially "if you really want something and trulybelieve it's possible, you'll get it", but putting a lot ofattention and thought onto something you don't wantmeans you'll probably get that too. 10. Misusing the Law OfAttractionHeres a sample of whats peddled The secret to prospering through the recession Become amoney magnet. The 3 often overlooked principles of The Law of Attraction,and why you must master them. One overwhelmingly simple gesture that could change yourlife and manifest your desires. Reject negative energies at a whim How thousands haveprospered through the Lancelots Armour technique. PLUS: The truth about wealth a billionaires shockingconfession. 11. The Blame GameDid you ever really want a bike or a toy orsomething when you were a kid?And if you wanted it hard enough you got it bywanting it and wanting it Or was it really because you saved up or it was yourbirthday?Or maybe you didnt get it.Well then you mustnt have wanted it hard enough.So its your fault!(Not the law or the author or the book!) 12. Quantum Physics orQuacksome Physics?Writing in the New York Times, Virginia Heffernansaid: "The Secret is not really a book but a series ofmisquotations from historical figures and fraudulentmaxims from no-count hucksters. And yet somethingin that gooey red waxy seal on the front of TheSecret, and the books believe-in-magic glitter, takesme to a happy place." The hitherto undiscovered"Secret", is actually a mix of misunderstood quantumphysics and a re-telling of "New Thought" fallacies,which have been around since the late 18th century. 13. Salma Hayek...if you think really, really hard, say,about vigorously cavorting with SalmaHayek on a soft, fluffy bed, you willemit a magnetic signal to the universethat will make your vision a reality.Greg Beato, (Reason) 14. Associative ThinkingBecause B follows A then A caused BI needed a parking space so I rubbed on a spot onthe dashboard and lo and behold a spaceappeared! And that happens again and again(well mostly!)I want to win the lottery so I pick certain numbersthat mean something to me (and I always win! Ijust buy another ticket so I can win again.) 15. Cargo cults Christian TV evangelists New Age Prosperity Some supposedly magical thinkingWhat do they have in common? 16. What if we had the power?The Butterfly EffectBy changing the pastto fix thingsin the presentThe Lathe of HeavenBy our dreams 17. The Lathe of Heaven Cartoon Style 18. Be careful whatyou wish forEspecially if you are an apprenticeBecause you just might get it! 19. So what is real magical thinking?In Ursula le Guins Earthsea Trilogyfantasy series, Ogion, the wizardteaching the apprentice Ged (later tobecome Sparrowhawk), has thepower to control the weather butinstead he lets them walk around inthe rain much to Geds chagrinWhy?