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  • Benjamin Jonsonwas an English Renaissance dramatist , poetand actor . A contemporary of William Shakespeare he is best known for his satiricalplays, particularly Volpone , theAlchemist, and Bartholomew Fair, which are considered his best, and his lyric poems. A man of vast reading, Although he was born in Westminster, London, Jonson claimed his family was of Scottish Border country descent, His father died a month before Ben's birth, and his mother remarried two years later, to a master. Jonson attended school in St. Martin's Lane, and was later sent to Westminster School, On leaving, Jonson was once thought to have gone on to the University of Cambridge;he did not go to university, but was put to a trade immediately: a legend recorded by Fuller indicates that he worked on a garden wall in Lincoln's Inn. Ben Jonson married, some time before 1594his name was Ann Lewis his eldest daughter Mary died in November, 1593, when she was only six months old. His eldest son Benjamin died of the plague ten years later. he had been two times in the newgate jail by killing a man, the act Gabriel Spencer. He spent some time in the Low Countries as a volunteer with the regiments of Francis Vere. (Jonson's epitaph to him On My First Sonne was written shortly after), By this time, Jonson had begun to write original plays for the Lord Admiral's Men; in 1598, he was mentioned by Francis Meres in his Palladis Tamia as one of "the best for tragedy.The principal factor in Jonson's partial eclipse was, however, the death of James and the accession of King Charles I in 1625 Justly or not, Jonson felt neglected by the new court. A decisive quarrel with Jones harmed his career as a writer of court masques,Despitethe strokes that he suffered in the 1620s, Jonson continued to write. At his death in 1637 he seems to have been working on another play, The Sad Shepherd. Though only two acts are extant.


  • Bartholomew Fair,comedy
  • (performed 31 October 1614; printed 1631)
  • Volpone,comedy (ca. 160506; printed 1607)
  • Cynthia's Revels(performed 1600; printed 1601)
  • The Alchemist,comedy (performed 1610; printed 1612)
  • Catiline His Conspiracy,tragedy
  • (performed and printed 1611)
  • The Devil is an Ass,comedy
  • (performed 1616; printed 1631)

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  • Ernest Miller Hemingway was an american writer and journalist. He was part of the 1920 expatriate community in paris, and one of the veterans of world war 1 later known as the lost generation. He received the pulitzer prize in 1953 for the old man and the sea, and the nobel prize in literature in 1954 many of his works ar now considered classic of american literature. He was born in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. His father was Clarence Edmonds Hemingway - a country doctor, and Grace Hall Hemingway , she study music. Hemingway attended Oak Park and River Forest High School from 1913 until 1917. After high school, Hemingway was hired as a cub reporter atThe Kansas City Star.he worked as a journalist prior to becoming a novelist. Hemingway volunteered to become an ambulance driver for the Red Cross in Italy early in 1918 , Hemingway carried an Italian soldier to safety, for which he was honored with the Italian Silver Medal of Bravery. Her insistence that he learn the cello became a "source of conflict", but he later admitted the music lessons were useful to his writing . There he was involved with sports He showed talent in English classes .He wrote and edited the school's newspaper and yearbook. Still only eighteen, Hemingway said of the incident: "When you go to war as a boy you have a great illusion of immortality. Other people get killed; not you. .Then when you are badly wounded the first time you lose that illusion and you know it can happen to you." He had shrapnel wounds to both leg she spent five days at a field hospital, and was transferred to the Red Cross hospital in Milan for recuperation. He spent six months in the hospital where he met and fell in love with Agnes von Kurowsky, a nursehowever, she became engaged to an Italian officer in March 1919. Hemingway met Hadley Richardson in Chicago. They married on 1921; the couple left for Paris. When Hadley became pregnant in 1923 they returned to Toronto where their son John Hadley Nicanor was born on October 10, 1923.


  • In the summer of 1925, Hemingway and Hadley went on their annual trip to Pamplona The events of the trip inspired Hemingway's first novel,The Sun Also Rises . Hemingway divorced Hadley in January 1927, and in May married Pauline Pfeiffer Hemingway's second sonPatrick was born in Kansas City on June 28, 1928. he and Pauline travelled to Africa for ten weeks. The trip provided material forGreen Hills of Africa , which was published in 1935. until Hemingway divorced Pauline in 1940 and married Martha. He divorced martha onDecember 21, 1945 and get married whith Marry welch.Hemingway wroteThe Fifth Column , his only piece of drama, during the bombardment of Madrid in 1937. In October 1954, Hemingway received the Nobel Prize for theOld Man and the November he entered the Mayo Clinic He had been receiving treatment for high blood pressure and liver problems, and also he was going to be treated for hypertension. Hemingway suffered paranoia, believing he was being watched by the FBI. In fact, the FBI had opened a file on him during World war 2. In the spring of 1961, Hemingway attempted suicide. Mary convinced Saviers to hospitalize him at the Sun Valley hospital and from there he was returned to the Mayo for more shock treatments.He was released in late June and arrived home in Ketchum on June 30. On the morning of July 2, 1961, he committed suicide by shooting himself with his shotgun. Other members of Hemingway's immediate family also committed suicide, including his father. Hemingway is interred in the town cemetery in Ketchum, Idaho.

Ernest Hemingway with sons and kittens in Finca Vigia, Cuba 1946. 8. Hemingway in WorldWar II uniform. Ernest, Hadley, and Bumby Hemingway 1926 Ernest and Mary Hemingwayfeed a baby gazelle inKenya in 1953.Ernest Hemingway writing inKenya in 1953Ivens, Hemingway, and Renn(of the International Brigade).Spanish Civil War, 1937 9.

  • The sun also rises
  • For Whom the bell tolls
  • Green hills of Africa
  • Men Without Women
  • The old man and the sea
  • Death in the afternoon