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1. PowerPoint Show by Andrew 2. A zebra at the Beijing Zoo in Beijing, China, August 12. Founded in 1906 during the late Qing Dynasty, the zoo is one of the oldest in China. 3. A pair of Indian parrot hatchlings embrace in Dimapur in the north-eastern Indian state of Nagaland. 4. A ringed seal swims in a water tank at the Osaka Aquarium in Japan as part of the facility's Arctic exhibit. 5. A baby chameleon crawls on a branch at the zoo in Chemnitz, Germany. 6. Six-day-old newly born giraffe calf is surrounded by its parents, at their enclosure in Buenos Aires' zoo. 7. A humpback whale jumps to the surface of the Pacific Ocean at the Uramba Bahia Malaga natural park in Colombia. 8. A pollen covered bee takes off from a flower at Dillingham Garden, in Enid, Oklahoma. 9. Two young Snowy Owls sit next to each other at Hannover, Germany Zoo. 10. A baby capuchin monkey hangs upside down from its mother at the Parque del Este in Caracas, Venezuela. 11. Two hogs nuzzle up on a boiling hot day at the zoo in Hanover, Germany. 12. A European Peacock (Inachis Io) butterfly perches on a Buddleja flower in Kassel, Germany. 13. Flamingos and flamingo chicks are seen in a corral before being tagged at dawn at the Fuente de Piedra natural reserve, near Malaga, southern Spain. 14. Two tigers play in the water at the zoo in Leipzig, Germany. 15. Joseph Han, 5, and sister, Mary Han, from San Jose, California, explore the 211,000 gallon Seal and Sea Lion Habitat at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. 16. An "olinguito (Bassaricyon neblina)," described as the first carnivore species to be discovered in the American continents in 35 years, is pictured in a cloud forest in South America. 17. A sand tiger shark with an entire three-foot-long dogfish shark in its mouth were caught by the University of Delaware's Ocean Exploration off the coast of Delaware. 18. A spider wraps a locust caught in the web in the Sharr mountains southwest of the Kosovo capital Pristina. 19. A male albino caiman alligator (caiman crocodilus yacare) called "Bino" relaxes in the water after receiving acupuncture treatment at Sao Paulo aquarium in Brazil. 20. A deer stands in a cornfield near Schwarmstedt, Germany. 21. A newly born panda cub at the zoo in Taipei, Taiwan. 22. A Helicidae snail crawls on a wet leaf in a garden in Jacobsdorf, Germany. 23. Horses gallop during the Rapa das Bestas traditional event in the Spanish northwestern village of Sabucedo. 24. A great gray owl rests in the Rambouillet forest, some 50 kms outside of Paris. 25. A leopard yawns inside its enclosure at the Madrid Zoo. 26. A Great Crested Grebe (Podiceps cristatus) swims with three chicks on its back in Lake Weissensee in Naggl in Austria's southern Carinthia province. 27. A bear cools off in its enclosure in Belgrade's zoo. 28. A female bottlenose dolphin calf swims at the Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, Illinois. 29. Kirana, a female Sumatran tiger looks on as one of her month-old cubs yawns in their enclosure at Chester Zoo in northern England. 30. A grass snake is pictured at a marsh called Zhada near the remote village of Luzhki, some 220 km (137 miles) north of Minsk. 31. Two miniature pigs play in their enclosure at the zoo in Hanover, central Germany. 32. A baby Adelie penguin and its mother share a moment at the Osaka, Japan Aquarium Kaiyukan. 33. An elephant gets a shower at the La Fleche zoo, western France. 34. A brown bear is pictured at the Sainte-Croix zoo park, in the French eastern city of Rhodes. 35. A golden eagle looks on in the Rambouillet forest, some 50 kms outside of Paris. 36. A baby gorilla sits inside an air conditioned room at a zoo in Shanghai, China. 37. Two hippopotamus fight in the Rutchuru river, Virunga National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo.