… all CREATURES Great and small BY G Gymnasiou H. Krokou 2009-2010.

Download … all CREATURES Great and small BY G Gymnasiou H. Krokou 2009-2010.

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all CREATURES Great and small BY G Gymnasiou H. Krokou 2009-2010 Slide 2 MARKELLA STAMOU!!! Slide 3 Cats in here, cats in house, Start to run when they see a mouse. Running fast on the street, Trying to catch it with their feet. Climbing up on the dish, Wanting to eat the tasty fish! Slide 4 Big Pig by Chryssa Gerakaki Slide 5 I saw something big and I realised that it was a pig! Its colour was pink That made me think! In the beginning it was sad But afterwards it became mad! I am happy that it was only a dream Because I was ready to scream! Slide 6 My lovely fish! By Alexandra Pantazi My lovely fish! By Alexandra Pantazi I saw a fish on my dish I want to eat it or better to treat it I love it I care for it And dont want to share it Slide 7 BY GEORGE MAURIDIS Slide 8 WHAT HAPPENS The ckicken who walks Wants to fly with the hawks Trying from morning till night To have a beautiful flight Tries till she fells down Almost dying on the ground! Slide 9 Fox Once there was a fox Which lived in a box She came up with a plan To scare a man So she run to a cliff Which made her very stiff There she fell asleep Until morning where she was woken up by the sheep Stelios Galatoulas Slide 10 By Spiros Kontesis Slide 11 And now WHATS UP?...?... I saw a hippo that I liked And then suddenly I cried I know I met This wonderful pet Love me hippo And dont let me go Slide 12 THE CAT There was a cat Climbing up on the flag When she was running fast She remembered the past While she was walking in the bar She was covered in tar Which made man seem tough And children rough MANOS KOUDOUNAS JOHN DALIANIS Slide 13 It runs like a dog It flies in the fog It lives in caves far away Where a man would never stay It hunts in the night And it hates the light Makrygiannis Alkis Slide 14 MY BLACK DOG MY BLACK DOG BY NIKOS ADAMAKOS BY NIKOS ADAMAKOS Slide 15 I have a black dog Who loves to go for a walk His name is Spiky And he always bites me He likes to eat a snack And then he takes a nap Spiky has a friend Whose name is Fred They play everyday And then Fred goes away When I leave he will cry And when I return he flies high in the sky He will work as hard as you wish Emptying his dinner dish Spiky is as big As an anchor on a ship I love my dog Whose color is darker than the dark Slide 16 The dog and the frog by Evaggelia Liakou I saw a dog Whose friend is a frog His name is Billy Who looks around angrily Just like the dog. Slide 17 THE FROG I saw a frog In the fog In the south On the ground. It was eating When I saw it. Then it hopped away Far and far away. Slide 18 -the horse- It has a long tail It can not read brail It works well with man Only when there is a plan It has four hooves But can not climb roofs When ridden by boys It makes a lot of noise. Spiros Kriezis Slide 19 THE LITTLE MOUSE By Tzortzina Sapountzaki And Christina Siouli Slide 20 There was a little mouse Living in a big house It was eating a piece of cheese Out in the breeze But here comes a cat Wearing a blue hat And the mouse starts to run Not to have fun Slide 21 A great thank you to all the students that participated in this assignment. Your teacher!!!