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Presentatie van Leen Gysen van IPARC op Creative Ville


  • 1. Creative Ville 14.11.13 Gent
  • 2. International Platform for Art Research & Conservation Whats in a name?
  • 3. Mission Given the demand for cost-efficient, quality conservation and restoration intervention in a market marked by considerable fragmentation, IPARC aims to be a medium-sized enterprise that can operate independently on the basis of economies of scale, appropriate infrastructure, an agile and competent team of staff members and a network of qualified freelancers. 3 Creative Ville 14 november 2013
  • 4. Strategy IPARC offers a one-stop shop multidisciplinary structure, offering a variety of restoration and conservation treatments, accompanied by specialised advice in relation to the administration and management of collections. For larger projects, typically making multidisciplinary demands this implies: a clear structure with an established methodology with a sound insurance framework offering a high level of availability & a guarantee of continuity. 4 Creative Ville 14 november 2013
  • 5. Multidisciplinary platform Founded in 200865 5 partners Core team of 10 Registered & certified contractor Brussels-based HQ with lab and research facilities 7 disciplines: Old master paintings Modern materials and contemporary art Wood Stone Polychromic sculpture Paper Metal 5 Creative Ville 14 november 2013
  • 6. Workshop & laboratory 350 m2 Delivery and pick-up of works via docking gate inside Climate, dust and noise control Vapour & odour extraction Specific attention to security & fire protection management Laboratory for microscopic analysis Photo studio/multispectral imaging Integrated Pest Management 6 Creative Ville 14 november 2013
  • 7. Cooperative business model Best use of expertise and know-how of founding and future partners Partners have >10 years of relevant expertise Sustainable operational approach for the future Not only knowledge and experience, a methodological framework and professional ethics, also training of subsequent generations Emphasis on openness, transparency, honesty and social responsibility 7 Creative Ville 14 november 2013
  • 8. BLANKE CANVAS oEigenheden sector: landschap eenmanszaken oContinuteit in dienstverlening oSchaal maar vooral synergie en kennisuitwisseling oWinst geen uitgangspunt, wel rentabiliteit en continuteit 8 Creative Ville 14 november 2013
  • 9. CREATIEPROCES oHindernissen: osubsidiecontext okwaliteitsstreven oconcurrentiedruk andere sectoren operceptie culture veld & publieke opinie oMaar ook onetwerk osnel merkbekendheid oklantenwaardering 9 Creative Ville 14 november 2013
  • 10. DE COMPOSITIE o10 jaar marktverkenning helpt oBusiness plan & bijsturing belangrijke oefeningen oRol CultuurInvest oInnovatie-streven oAllianties oBrug kenniseconomie 10 Creative Ville 14 november 2013
  • 11. GOMMEN & OPNIEUW BEGINNEN oOverschatting snelheid beslissingscycli opdrachtgevers oOnderschatting traagheid betalingen oTest in volharding & doorzettingsvermogen oProcesmatig werken & artistieke profielen oSamenwerking met onderwijs o 11 Creative Ville 14 november 2013
  • 12. TOEKOMSTPLANNEN: NIEUW KUNSTDEPOT Brucargo (eind 2014): 7500 m2 Alliantie Hasenkamp/Mobull: kunststransport & opslag IPARC: collectiediensten Voor private verzamelaars en publieke collecties Lang & korte termijn opslag Internationalisatie 12 Creative Ville 14 november 2013
  • 13. TIPS Volg passie & kunde Zoek gelijkgestemden Omring je met competente Adviseurs Dienstverleners Coach(es) Pitch Financiering 13 Creative Ville 14 november 2013
  • 14. DE WAARHEID en niets dan .. Onderken & onderschrijf de waarde van creatief ondernemen 14 Creative Ville 14 november 2013
  • 15. Succes!