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  • 1.Copyright Crash Course


  • Public domain
  • better tools to identify those works that actually are in the public domain(Google Book Search library)
  • working with other libraries to begin developing best practices to define reasonable searches for copyright owners of different types of works.
  • Orphan works
  • often lack sufficient information to identify their owners, identifying the date on which they would otherwise enter the public domain is also impossible

3. 4. 5. 6. Fair use of copyrighted materials Answer these three questions to decide whether you need permission to use a copyrighted work 7. Four Factor Fair Use Test Factor 1:What is the character of the use? Factor 2:What is the nature of the work to be used? Factor 3:How much of the work will you use? Factor 4:If this kind of use were widespread, what effect would it have on the market for the original or for permissions? 8. The TEACH Act

  • The TEACH Act became law in late 2002.
  • Copyright law provides educators with aseparate set of rights in addition to fair use, to display (show) and perform (show or play) others' worksin the classroom . These rights are in Section 110(1) of the Copyright Act andapply to any work,regardless of the medium.
  • TheTEACH Act authorizes us to digitize works for use in digital distance education, but only to the extent we are authorized to use those works in Section 110(2) ,andso long as they arenot available digitally in a format free from technological protection .

9. Getting Permission

  • Contact collective rights organizations(CCC) Copyright Clearance Center.
  • Be aware if permission is needed when using image archives, freelance writers, music performance, and play rights., etc.
  • Contact the owner
  • Confirm authority to grant permission
  • Getting written permission and define clearly the scope of what you are being permitted to do.

10. The Copyright Crash CourseWritten by Georgia Harper for the University of Texas Power point by: Sonia Aldape 6340.64 Professor: Elizabeth Castillo


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