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This presentation is intended for golf professionas and it deals with connecting with your golf membership/guests via the correct communication medium. It is valuable for anyone looking to learn more about social media and connecting with customers in the 21st century. Thanks.


<ul><li> 1. ByTyce Calvert </li></ul> <p> 2. ASK YOURSELF Why is communication so important? What kinds of media can golf professionals utilize? What is social media and what value does it bring? Which sectors of the golf industry can benefit? I dont have any experience, how can I learn? 3. VALUE IN COMMUNICATION 1. Engage members and guests online 2. Membership drive 3. Value added to current members or guests 4. Little to no cost 5. Convenience to the member/guest &amp; professional staff 6. Allows faster, seamless communication 4. TIMELINE (PRE 2000) "Mr.Watson--come here--I want to see you." Telephone - 1890 Internet - 1969 ARPANET Email - 1976 Comet became the first email service Now, 144.8 Billion Emails AreSent Every Day Postal Service 50 BC Augustus Caesar organized the first true mail service. Since then, the internet and its capabilities have boomed Television 1927 It wasnt until 1964 that 1 million people had cable 5. TIMELINE (2000-2013) *Plus so many more * SlideShare 2006 Has an estimated 58 million unique visitors a month Modern Smart Phone Era-2007 56% of adults have smartphones, up from just 35% two years ago Twitter 2006 200 million active users send 400 million tweets per day YouTube 2005 Has More than 1 billion unique visits each month Facebook 2004 Facebook reached 1 billion users in 9 years 6. TOPICS TO COME Text Messaging SMS Instantaneous Email A very common way to connect in the 21st century Facebook King of social media with over a billion members Youtube Use videos to connect with your patrons Slideshare Convey information important to your membership Twitter Short sweet and probably the most trendy of Social Networks 7. TEXT MESSAGING (SMS) 8. TEXT MESSAGING (SMS) Pros Instantaneous Convenient Promote shop sales Alert to sudden changes Free 97% of all messages are opened (83 percent within one hour) Cons It can be very invasive People can opt out quickly 9. Twitter Texts 1. Setup aTwitter account at 2. Customize your twitter account 3. Advertise your SMS direct messaging i. Encourage people through special deals Management Side 1. Text follow @yourtwitterhandlehere 2. Send the text message to 40404 3. Reply with yes 4. Begin receiving promotions, alerts, and reminders straight to your phone Member/Guest Side Send Reminders Promote Sales Communicate Changes 10. EMAIL 11. EMAIL Pros Clubs Promote Upcoming events Merchandise sales Keep membership up-to-date Send results from events Less intrusive than SMS Resorts/Public Grow your database Marketing campaign Return customers Build relationships Cons Your message may get sent to spam And no one likes spam 12. Thank Event Participants Effectively Communicate Events BuildYour Following Integrate Media Engaging Emails 13. SOCIAL MEDIA: FACEBOOK Clubs Engage members online Considered another service Merchandise sales Results from events Membership drive Receive feedback Resorts Marketing Campaign Build Relationships Facilitate raving fans "Social media has taken the communication to our membership to another level!Todd Firestone, PGA 14. Share Photos Create Raving Fans 5/6 comments are from Members of the club Post &amp; Share Results Facebook Features 15. SOCIAL MEDIA:YOUTUBE Pros Clubs Weekly Updates Upcoming Events Merchandise sales Results from events Wow your membership Resorts Marketing Campaign Return Customers Build Relationships Cons Challenging to keep up with 16. Thats the value of one minute of video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. 1.8 MillionWords According to Forbes Insight, thats the percentage of senior executives whod rather watch a video than read text. 59% Communicate Progress EntertainWeeklyUpdates UtilizingYouTube 17. SOCIAL MEDIA: TWITTER Pros Clubs Engage members online Considered another service Medium to integrate other media Merchandise sales Results from events Resorts Marketing Campaign Facilitate raving fans Receive Feedback Build a following Cons Message may get overlooked 18. SLIDESHARE Pros Clubs Share important information Recap of the golf season Resorts Marketing Campaign Educate guests to your history Cons The following is not as large as other social networks Needs to be integrated into other media 19. RECAP 20. RESOURCES TO USE Resources are everywhere here are a few good ones 21. SOURCES Timeline information: smartphones-giving-apple-and-google-much-to-smile-about/ Youtube statistics: SMS statistics: 22. THANK YOU! How do I create a following on our clubs social media?? </p>