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Children Feeding Children is a nonprofit based in Florida. The model program was created in Rosario De Naranjo, Alajuela, Costa Rica. It is a hands on science program where students learn plant biology and the science of beneficial fungus (Biocides). Web Site is now under construction. www.childrenfeedingchildren.orgFor all information contact


<ul><li> 1. IMAGINE YOUR WORLD WITHOUT HUNGER</li></ul> <p> 2. WEALLKNOW THERE IS WORLD WIDE HUNGER. When submitting Hunger to an internet search OVER 200,000 sites show up! HUNGERIN AMERICA HUNGERPROGRAMSWORLDHUNGER GLOBALHUNGER CLIMATE CHANGE BRINGINGHUNGER HUNGERRELIEFUNITED NATIONSHUNGERPROGRAMFIGHTHUNGER ACTION AGAINSTHUNGER END 4HUNGER STOPHUNGERNOWTHE CONGRESSIONALHUNGERCENTERSTAMP OUTHUNGERFOOD DRIVEFEEDING AMERICACHILDRENSHUNGERFUNDPROJECT BREADFROMHUNGERTO HOPETHE ALLIANCE TO ENDHUNGER DRIVE TO ENDHUNGER WORLDHUNGE R RELIEFENDHUNGERNETWORKFEEDING MINDS FIGHTINGHUNGER HUNGERAND MALNUTRITION HUNGRYIN AMERICATYSON FOODSHUNGERRELIEFECUMENICALHUNGERPROGRAM... 3. WE CAN INSPIRE PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD to support each other in collaboration of a program that teaches children of all ages thatthere is a solution. 4. WHATIF WE could teach children of all ages to grow their own food ? andWHAT IFit was so simple that they could teach other children to grow their own andWHAT IFthe families,neighborhoods andthe communities joined in? THERE IS A SOLUTION... 5. One of the solutions is CHILDREN FEEDING CHILDREN T his program brings solutionsto on-going food shortageslocally and worldwide . 6. CHILDREN FEEDING CHILDREN The Vision of this program is to bringsolutions to on-going food shortages locally and worldwide. 7. IMAGINE YOUR WORLDWITHOUT HUNGER Children Feeding Children is one of the characters in a cast of worldwide players all taking part in a movement to heal social injustices such as hunger! *~* It is our contention that there is no excuse for hunger in this day and age.Most hunger is the result of political injustices. 8. CHILDREN FEEDING CHILDREN THIS program is attractivebecause it involves small venues such as neighborhoods,communitiesand organizations.IT does not requirea huge plot of landor excessive amounts of water. 9. Children Feeding Children a nonprofit, is already proven with a model in Costa Rica.Children Feeding Children (CFC) usessustainablegrowing methods and implements CFC through youth organizations, churches and schools.Children will learn plant science, biology and the science of Biocides (beneficial fungus). 10. EDUCATIONIs the cornerstone on which this program is built.~*~ 11. </p> <ul><li>A green house 20 x 100ft can replace 2.5 acres of fertile farm land and can be set up in nearly any environment. </li></ul> <ul><li>A green house 20 x 100ft can replace 2.5 acres of fertile farm land and can be set up in nearly any environment. </li></ul> <p> 12. The system uses a fraction of the water and nutrients that traditional farming requires which makes our system sustainable and friendly to the environment. 13. W A T E R WHEN LESS WATER IS NEEDED FOR OUR PLANTS THERE IS MOREWATER TODRINK! 14. Hydroponics is simple to operate and requires less labor.This system can be utilized either for a commercialventure, families or small co-ops.It ispossible to produce food for personal consumption or for resale to gain additional income. 15. VERSATILITY OF THE SYSTEM LETTUCE CABBAGE HERBS SPICES STRAWBERRIES CUCUMBERS SQUASH EGG PLANT CAULIFLOWER BROCCOLI TOMATOES SWEET PEPPERS FLOWERS 16. Beneficial Fungus Nutrients 17. The concept that we found successful is to use the system as an educational tool.By training young people with modern growing techniques to increase food output while reducing the impact on the environment. It will create a future rewarding career for many of your youth. And the youth of today are the Leaders of Tomorrow! 18. CFC CURRICULUM 19. HORTICULTURAL EDUCATION CENTER CAMPUS IT is the intention ofChildren Feeding Children to create a center for thestudy of hands on, problem solving, science projects to alleviate hunger amongstchildren of all ages on aworld wide scale. ADMINISTRATION ~ GREENHOUSE ~ SEED GERMINATING AREA ~ PLANT RETAIL AREA ~ LABORATORY ~ KITCHEN/DINING ~ LODGING OUTDOOR GARDENS 20. RETIREMENT COMMUNITIES EDUCATIONAL FACILITIES FLOWER MARKETS MENTALHEALTHCARE WOMENSSHELTERS RESTAURANTS HOTELS CORRECTIONAL FACILITIES WORKPROGRAMS CHILDRENFEEDINGCHILDREN CFC CFC PROVIDES A WORLDOF POSSIBILITIES! 21. *~* CONCLUSION *~* CHILDREN FEEDING CHILDREN CAN CHANGE LIVES! TEACHES FOOD PRODUCTIONORGANIC ~SUSTAINABLEUtilizing Nutrients &amp; Less Water Offers Cottage Industry Opportunities CFC CAN BE ANYWHEREON THIS PLANET 22. CHILDREN FEEDING CHILDREN [email_address] Choose to be part of the solution!</p>