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D&D 5th condensed


<ul><li><p>2</p></li><li><p>SYSTEM </p><p>d20 vs a target number. Equal or over is Success.Fail Forward: Instead of failing, the DM can decide that you succeed, but some consequence happens. Opposed: Both roll, highest wins. On a tie, the situation remains the same as before the roll.Group Check: If half the Group succeeds, the wholeGroup succeeds.</p><p>ADVANTAGE When you have Advantage or Disadvantage on a Roll, roll two d20. Keep either thehighest or the lowest, accordingly. If you have both Advantage and Disadvantage, they cancel each other out, roll only one d20. You never roll more thantwo d20 on any single Roll. If you have the ability to reroll, you only reroll one of the d20.</p><p>PROFICIENCY Your Proficiency Bonus (PB) starts at+2 and increases by 1 every 4 levels. If a circumstance suggests that your PB applies more than once to the same roll or that it should be multiplied more than once, you nevertheless add it only once, multiply it only once, and halve it only once.</p><p>INSPIRATION The DM can award inspiration for good Roleplaying. You either have Inspiration or you dont. You cant stockpile multiple "Inspirations" for later use. You can expend Inspiration when you make a roll to gain Advantage or you can give your Inspiration to another character.</p><p>STATSRoll: 4d6 drop lowest, arrange at will.Point Buy: 27 points. Start at 8. Up to 13 cost 1 point each. Up to 15 cost 2 points each. No stats higher than 15.Standard Array: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10 ,8Modifiers: (Stat - 10) / 2 round down.</p><p>SKILLSRoll d20 + Stat Mod + PB vs DC.Help from others grants Advantage.Passive Check: 10 + Stat Mod + PB. Add or subtract 5 if you have Advantage or Disadvantage.</p><p>Str: Athletics Dex: Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Stealth Int: Arcana, History, Investigation, Nature, Religion Wis: Animal Handling, Insight, Medicine, Perception, Survival Cha: Deception, Intimidation, Performance, Persuasion.</p><p>CHARACTER CREATION: (1) Race (2) Class (3) Stats (4) Background (5) Alignment (6) Equipment</p><p>Max HP at First Level.</p><p>NO MULTICLASSINGNO FEATS</p><p>LEVELING UP</p><p>Experience Points Level PB 0 1 +2 300 2 +2900 3 +2 2,700 4 +26,500 5 +3 14,000 6 +323,000 7 +3 34,000 8 +348,000 9 +4 64,000 10 +485,000 11 +4 100,000 12 +4120,000 13 +5 140,000 14 +5165,000 15 +5 195,000 16 +5225,000 17 +6 265,000 18 +6305,000 19 +6 355,000 20 +6</p><p>ABILITY SCORE INCREASES Increase 1 Stat by 2 Points, or 2 Stats by 1 Point. You cant increase a Stat above 20.</p><p>HIT DICE You have a number of Hit Dice (HD) equal to your Level. They are of the same type as the dice you roll for HP. You can use them to regain HP during a Short Rest.</p><p>RESTINGShort Rest: 1 hour eating, drinking, reading, and tending to wounds. Roll as many HD as you like to regain HP. You add your Con Mod to each HD rolled.Long Rest: 8 hours sleeping or light activity: reading, talking, eating, or standing watch for 2 hours. 1 hour of other activity interrupts the Rest. Regain all HP. Regain a number of Hit Dice equal to half your total Hit Dice. Only one Long Rest per day. Must have 1 HP to gain benefits.</p><p>ECONOMYA skilled (but not exceptional) artisan can earn one gp a day. 50 Coins weigh a Pound. </p><p>Undamaged Weapons, Armor, and other Equipment fetch half their cost when sold in a market. Weapons and Armor used by monsters are rarely in good enough condition to sell. Gems, Jewelry, and Art Objects and Trade Goods retain their full value in themarketplace.</p><p>Magic Items beyond potions or scrolls are too expensive for most but the wealthiest nobles. Aside from a few common magic items, you wont normally come across Magic Items or Spells to purchase. Thevalue of magic is far beyond simple gold and should always be treated as such.</p></li><li><p>COMBAT</p><p>AC 10 + Dex Mod. Some Spells and Class Features give you a different way to calculate your AC. Choose which one to use.</p><p>INITIATIVE d20 + Dex Mod Surprise: If neither side tries to be stealthy, they automatically notice each other. Otherwise compare Dex (Stealth) with PassiveWis (Perception)</p><p>ATTACK ROLLMelee: d20 + Str Mod (you can use Dex with Finesse Weapons)Ranged: d20 + Dex Mod (you can use Str with Thrown Melee Weapons). If any enemy is within 5' you have Disadvantage.Natural 1 always misses.Natural 20 always hits and is a Critical Hit</p><p>DAMAGEAdd your Str Mod or Dex Mod to Damage. It has to be the same Modifier you used on the Attack Roll.Critical Hit: Roll the dice twice, but only apply modifiers once.Resistance: Damage / 2Vulnerability: Damage x 2 Area Damage: Roll Damage once. Apply to all targets.</p><p>TURN Move up to your Speed and take one Action. You can have up to one Bonus Action and one Reaction per turn. You can break up your Movement however you like. You can interact with one object orfeature of the environment for free, during either yourMovement or your Action.</p><p>MOVEMENT You can move through allies. You can move through enemies 2 Sizes Bigger or Smaller at Half Speed. You can't ends your Turn on someone else's square. Moving out of Reach provokes an Attack of Opportunity (AOP), unless you didn't use your Speed to move (i.e. you were Pushed).</p><p>ACTIONSAttack: You can use all your Attacks as part of the same Action.Dash: Move your Speed again.Dodge: Attacks against you have Disadvantage. Youhave Advantage on Dex SavesDisengage: Don't provoke AOPsHelp: Give Advantage on one RollReady: Specify trigger. Take Action as Reaction. Spells are cast but have to be heldHide; Search; Use an Object</p><p>DEATH &amp; DYING0 HP: You fall unconscious and are dying. Your HP never goes into negative. Leftover damage is ignored. However:</p><p>Massive Damage: If a single hit would be enough to drop you to negative max HP, you die instantly.Knockout: You can choose to knock someone out instead of killing them when you drop them to 0 HP.Death Save: While dying, d20 vs DC 10 each turn.3 Failures: Death 3 Successes: StableNatural 1: Counts as 2 FailuresNatural 20: Regain 1 HPDamage while at 0 HP, counts as a Death Save Fail. A Critical Hit counts as 2 Failures.Stabilize: DC 10 Wis (Medicine)Stable: Regain 1 HP after 1d4 hours.</p><p>SPECIALStealth: When you Attack a target that you cant see,you have Disadvantage. When a creature cant see you, you have Advantage on Attack Rolls against it. You give away your location when you Attack.Improvised Weapons: An object that bears no resemblance to a Weapon; or a ranged weapon in Melee; or a Melee Weapon thrown without the Thrown property, deals 1d4 Damage. Range (20/60)Two-Weapon Fighting: Both your Weapons must beLight. You don't get Damage Bonus with the second one, only penalty.Grapple: As a Melee Attack, roll Str (Athletics) vs Str(Athletics) or Dex (Acrobatics). Same to escape. Can't target more than 1 Sizes Larger. You can movethe target at Half Speed, unless target 2 Sizes Smaller. A grappled creatures Speed becomes 0.Shove: As a Melee Attack, roll Str (Athletics) vs Str (Athletics) or Dex (Acrobatics). Can't target more than 1 Sizes Larger. Target is knocked Prone or Moved 5'.Mounts: Must be 1 Size Larger. You can control a mount only if it has been trained to accept a rider. A controlled mount can only Dash, Disengage, and Dodge. If the mount provokes an AOP, the rider can be targeted instead. Spend half your movement to mount or dismount. If the mount is pushed, or you are knocked Prone, DC 10 Dex Save or fall off, landing Prone next to it. If the mount is knocked prone, you can use your Reaction do dismount and land on your feet.Underwater: Resistance to Fire Damage. An Attacker without Swimming Speed has Disadvantage, unless the Weapon is a Dagger, Javelin, Shortsword, Spear, or Trident. Ranged Attacks can't target past Normal Range, and have Disadvantage unless the Weapon is a Crossbow, Net, or thrown like a Javelin.</p><p>VISIBILITY &amp; COVERLightly Obscured: Disadvantage to Perception.Heavily Obscured: Blinded.Dim Light: Counts as Lightly Obscured.Darkness: Counts as Heavily Obscured.Half Cover: +2 to AC and Dex Saves3/4 Cover: +5 to AC and Dex Saves</p></li><li><p>CONDITIONS</p><p>Blinded* Auto fail anything that requires sight.* Disadvantage to Attack, Advantage to be Attacked.</p><p>Charmed* Can't Attack or use Abilities or Magic on the charmer.* The charmer has Advantage to social interactions with you.</p><p>Deafened* Auto fail anything that requires hearing.</p><p>Frightened* Disadvantage to Checks and Attacks while the source of fear is within sight. * Can't willingly approach the source of fear. </p><p>Grappled* Speed becomes 0.* The condition ends if the grappler is Incapacitated.* The condition also ends if an effect removes the grappled creature from the reach of the grappler or grappling effect (such as being hurled away by the thunderwave spell).</p><p>Incapacitated* Can't take Actions or Reactions.</p><p>Invisible* You re considered Heavily Obscured, for the purpose of hiding.* Your location can be detected by noise or tracks.* Advantage to Attack, Disadvantage to be Attacked.</p><p>Paralyzed* Incapacitated and can't move or speak.* Auto fail Str and Dex Saves.* Advantage to be Attacked.* Any Hit is a Crit, if the attacker is within 5'.</p><p>Petrified* Transformed, along with any nonmagical object worn or carried, into a solid inanimate substance. Weight increases x10, and aging stops.* Incapacitated, can't move or speak, unaware of surroundings.* Auto fail Str and Dex Saves.* Advantage to be Attacked.* Resistance to all Damage.* Immune to Poison and Disease. Any already in your system are suspended until the condition ends.</p><p>Poisoned* Disadvantage to Attacks and Checks.</p><p>Prone* Can only move by crawling.* Disadvantage to Attack.* If an attacker is within 5', he has Advantage, otherwise Disadvantage.</p><p>Restrained* Speed becomes 0.* Disadvantage to Attack, Advantage to be Attacked.* Disadvantage to Dex Saves.</p><p>Stunned* Incapacitated, can't move, and can speak only falteringly.* Auto fail Str and Dex Saves.* Advantage to be Attacked.</p><p>Unconscious* Incapacitated, can't move or speak, and unaware of surroundings.* Drop whatever you are holding and fall Prone.* Auto fail Str and Dex Saves.* Advantage to be attacked.* Any Hit a Crit, if the attacker is within 5'.</p><p>VISION</p><p>Blindsight: Can perceive surroundings without relying on sight.Darkvision: Treat darkness as Dim Light. Cant discern color, only shades of gray.Truesight: Can see in normal and magical darkness.Can see invisibility. Can auto detect illusions and auto Saves against them. Can perceive the original form of a shapechanger or a creature transformed bymagic. Can see into the Ethereal Plane.</p></li><li><p>RACES</p><p>DWARFStats: +2 Con Speed 25' (ignore Heavy Armor) Darkvision 60' Advantage on Saves vs Poison Resistancevs Poison Damage Weapons: Battleaxe, Handaxe, Throwing Hammer, Warhammer Tools: 1 of: Smiths Tools, Brewers Supplies, Masons Tools Skills: History related to stonework. Double PB Languages: Common, Dwarvish.</p><p>Hill DwarfStats: +1 Wis Feature: +1 HP per Lvl.</p><p>Mountain DwarfStats: +1 Str Armor: Light, Medium</p><p>ELFStats: +2 Dex Speed 30' Darkvision 60' Skill: Perception Advantage on Saves vs charm Immune to magical sleep Feature: No need to sleep. Instead, meditate semiconscious, 4 hours a day Languages: Common, Elvish.</p><p>High ElfStats: +1 Int Weapons: Longsword, Shortsword, Shortbow, Longbow Feature: 1 free Wizard Cantrip. Cast with Int. Languages: 1 extra.</p><p>Wood ElfStats: +1 Wis Speed 35' Weapons: Longsword, Shortsword, Shortbow, Longbow Feature: Can hide when obscured by foliage, rain, snow, mist, or other natural phenomena.</p><p>HALFLINGStats: +2 Dex Size: Small Speed 25' Advantage on Saves vs Fear Feature: When you roll a 1 on a d20, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll Feature: You can move through creatures one size larger Languages: Common, Halfling.</p><p>LightfootStats: +1 Cha Feature: Can hide when obscured by a creature one or more sizes larger.</p><p>StoutStats: +1 Con Advantage on Saves vs Poison Resistance vs Poison Damage</p><p>HUMANStats: +1 All Speed 30' Languages: Common, Other.</p><p>Random Height and Weight</p><p>Race Base Height Base Weight Height Modifier Weight Modifier Human 4'8" +2d10 110 lb. (2d4) lb.Dwarf, hill 3'8" +2d4 115 lb. (2d6) lb. Dwarf, mountain 4' +2d4 130 lb. (2d6) lb.Elf, high 4'6" +2d10 90 lb. (1d4) lb. Elf, wood 4'6" +2d10 100 lb. (1d4) lb.Halfling 2'7" +2d4 35 lb. 1 lb. </p></li><li><p>CLERIC</p><p>HD: 1d8 or 5 Armor: All Weapons: All Simple Saves: Wis, Cha Skills: 2 from: History, Insight, Medicine, Persuasion, Religion.Equipment: (a) a Mace or (b) a Warhammer (if proficient); (a) Scale Mail, (b) Leather Armor, or (c) Chain Mail (if proficient); (a) a Light Crossbow and 20 Bolts or (b) any Simple Weapon; (a) a Priests Pack or (b) an Explorers Pack; A Shield and a Holy Symbol</p><p>Lvl 1: Lvl 1 and above healing spells, heal an additional 2 + Spell Lvl HP.Lvl 2: Channel Divinity once per Rest:</p><p>TURN UNDEAD: Time: Action Components: S(present holy symbol), V(say prayer) Targets: Undead that can see or hear you within 30' Save: Wis nagates Duration: 1 min or until Damage;Effect: Creature flees using the Dash Action. If restrained, it tries to escape. If cornered, it uses the Dodge Action. Can't take Reactions. Cant willingly move to a space within 30' of you.</p><p>PRESERVE LIFE: Time: Action Components: S (present holy symbol) Targets: Any creatures within 30' Effect: Heal 5 x cleric lvl hit points. Divide amongst targets as you want. Can't heal beyond halfthe craeture's max Hit Points. Can't target Undead orConstructs.</p><p>Lvl 3: ---Lvl 4: Ability Score ImprovementLvl 5: Turn Undead instantly destroys below CR 1/2.Lvl 6: Lvl 1 and above healing spells not targeted onyou, heal you for 2 + Spell Lvl HP.Lvl 6: Channel Divinity 2 per Rest.Lvl 7: ---Lvl 8: Once per turn, on a Weapon hit, deal extra 1d8 Radiant Damage.Lvl 8: Destroy Undead CR 1Lvl 8: Ability Score ImprovementLvl 9: ---Lvl 10: Once per week, as an Action, roll d100 underyour Cleric Lvl. If successful, your deity intervenes. Ifunsuccessful, you can try again after a long rest.Lvl 11: Destroy Undead CR 2Lvl 12: Ability Score ImprovementLvl 13: ---Lvl 14: Destroy Undead CR 3Lvl 14: radiant damage 2d8 Lvl 15: ---Lvl 16: Ability Score ImprovementLvl 17: No roll to heal HP, use max dice valueLvl 17: Destroy Undead CR 4Lvl 18: Channel Divinity 3 per RestLvl 19: Ability Score ImprovementLvl 20: Divine Intervention auto success.</p><p>Spellcasting: After a Rest you get all used spell slots back and can prepare new spells. Prepare a number of spells equal to your Wis mod + cleric lvl (minimum of one). You must meditate 1 minute per spell level for each prepared spell. The spells must be of a level for which you have spell slots. Casting aspell doesnt remove i...</p></li></ul>