COMPED9 Module 1 Information Technology, the Internet, and You

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  1. 1. COMPUTER EDUCATION 9 MODULE 1 Information Technology, the Internet, and You Prepared By: Engr. Jeremy M. Flores
  2. 2. COMPUTER COMPETENCY It refers to acquiring computer- related skills. It includes how to effectively use popular application packages and the Internet.
  3. 3. COMPUTER COMPETENCY Microcomputers are common tools in all areas of life. New forms of learning have developed.
  4. 4. COMPUTER COMPETENCY New ways to communicate, to find people with similar interests, and to buy goods are available.
  5. 5. COMPUTER COMPETENCY To be competent with computer technology, you need to know the parts of an Information System.
  6. 6. INFORMATION SYSTEM It refers to any combination of Information Technology and peoples activities using that technology to support operations and management.
  7. 7. PARTS OF INFORMATION SYSTEM People Procedures Software Hardware Data Connectivity
  8. 8. INFORMATION SYSTEM People are surely the most important part of any Information System.
  9. 9. SOFTWARE These are the step by step instructions that tells the computer how to process data into useful form.
  10. 10. MAJOR KINDS OF SOFTWARE System Software Application Software
  11. 11. SYSTEM SOFTWARE It enables the application software to interact with the computer hardware.
  12. 12. SYSTEM SOFTWARE It is a BACKGROUND SOFTWARE that helps the computer manages its own internal resources. It is not a single program.
  13. 13. SYSTEM SOFTWARE It is a collection of: Operating Systems Utilities Device Drivers
  14. 14. APPLICATION SOFTWARE It is to which the user interacts primarily. It might be described as end user software.
  15. 15. APPLICATION SOFTWARE Types of Application Software General-Purpose Software Specialized Software Mobile Applications
  16. 16. HARDWARE It refers to the physical component of the computer system.
  17. 17. HARDWARE Input Devices Output Devices Input/Output Devices Process Devices
  18. 18. TYPES OF COMPUTERS Supercomputers Mainframes Mid-Range Computers Microcomputers
  19. 19. DATA VS. INFORMATION Data are raw facts. Information are processed data into a useful form.
  20. 20. CONNECTIVITY It is the capability of your computer to share information with other computers.
  21. 21. CONNECTIVITY Most Dramatic Changes Widespread Use of Mobile Devices Cloud Computing
  22. 22. CONNECTIVITY Many experts predict that these wireless applications are just the beginning of the Wireless Revolution.
  23. 23. WIRELESS REVOLUTION A revolution that will dramatically change the way we communicate and use computer technology.
  24. 24. NETWORK It is the central concept of connectivity. It is a communications system connecting two or more computers.
  25. 25. NETWORK The largest network in the world is the Internet, which is like a giant highway that connects you to millions of other people and organizations located throughout the world.
  26. 26. NETWORK The Internet and the Web Powerful Software Powerful Hardware Security and Privacy Organizations Changing Times


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