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Talk for Learning Pool at the Open University about developing communities around e-learning to improve engagement.


<ul><li>1.How online communities can improve e-learning<br /></li></ul> <p>2. Who am I?<br />@davebriggs<br /><br /><br />3. Who am I?<br />Various roles in local and central government<br />Community Evangelist for Learning Pool<br />Focus now on digital engagement<br />4. 5. 6. 7. Learning Pool<br />The public sector learning community<br />8. Learning Pool<br />Originally started by IDeA (2002)<br />Service to help public sector improvement<br />Sharing to save time and money<br />Membership community<br />E-learning in a box<br />Content thats relevant to you<br />Platforms, including hosting and support<br />Services for customers who want it<br />Affordable with a clear return on investment<br />9. 10. 11. 12. Importance of online communities<br />13. Importance of online communities<br />14. Communities<br />The human bit of learning (and indeed other) technologies<br />15. The role of community<br />The Learning Pool community of learning and development professionals<br />Communities of learners in all our customer organisations<br />The wider community of those in and around the public sector<br />16. Building the LP community online<br />Catalogue<br />Forums<br />Webinars<br />Other content<br />17. Building the LP community offline<br />Steering group<br />Conferences and workshops<br />Networking events<br />Learning hack days<br />18. Communities of learners<br />Blended learning<br />Social learning tools (forums, chats, blogs, <br />wikis etc)<br />Informal learning events<br />19. Wider public sector community<br />Twitter!<br />Blogging<br />GovCamp<br />20. Go where people are<br />Even if you have your own community space dont be afraid to use others too.<br />21. What makes a great community?<br />It depends!<br />Plenty of activity, but not for the sake of it<br />Owned by members, not the organisation<br />Taken seriously<br />22. Tech<br />Email<br />Usenet<br />Forums<br />Blogs<br />Social networks<br />Status updates<br />23. Role of the community evangelist<br />NOT a technology evangelist<br />Encourage participation<br />Promotion of the community and its activity<br />Interpreting community needs<br />Being helpful<br />Create spaces, on and offline, for others tomake use of<br />24. Key skills<br />Networking<br />Online footprint<br />Tone and style<br />Collaborative<br />Openness<br />Passion<br />25. Summing up<br />Fostering community leads to greater engagement<br />Requires time, effort and a willingness to give up control<br />Have the right responsible person<br /></p>