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Presentation slides of Juvy Gervacio's talk at Miriam College Workshop on June 23, 2010


  • 1. Tutors and Learners Without Borders:In a Relationship but its Complicated Juvy Lizette M. Gervacio Assistant ProfessorUniversity of the Philippines Open University juvylizette.gervacio@upou.edu.ph

2. What are global virtual communities? 3. To make it simple:Global communities are composed of differentpeople from different culture, language,context, etc.; learning and working togethertowards a common goal. 4. Virtual Communities ProfileStatus: In a relationship!Its Complicated! 5. Tutoring and Learning Communities 6. GOALTo prepare educational practitioners andtraining experts on the utilization of ICTand eLearning in thedevelopmentand implementation ofcourses and training thatwill help the regions capacity building activities. 7. CONTENT 8. Implementation Plan 9. Platform 10. Communication Tools 11. Monitoring and EvaluationTask: Concept Task: Practical ChatDocument(well-done, (well-done, Forum entries participationNAMEGIVEN NAME CountryPool, Linklist Commentsdone, late, done, late, (h = hosting) (m =entriesopen) open) moderation)Acosta FilipinoApostolFilipino Participants Performance Track 12. Monitoring and EvaluationTutors:My Personal tutoring work-logJoint Module Report o participation in generalo new things you learned about the module topic itselfo challenges with any (software or platform) toolso topics that were discussed in the chatso topics that were discussed in the forumo your experiences: what worked really wello your experiences: what could be improvedo your personal experiences with the group and the GC21o suggestions for further tutoring of this module 13. Monitoring and EvaluationOnline Evaluation for: Face to face workshops Online Modules 14. Thank You!juvylizette.gervacio@upou.edu.ph