Communication Theory in Motion Final Presentaion

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This is my final presentation powerpoint


  • 1. Theory In Motion Final edition
    Stephen D. Vujevich
  • 2. New Events, New Tasks
    Duffys Cut Fundraiser
    Year of the Mighty Macs Website
    Mighty Macs Black Tie Gala
    Social Judgment Theory
  • 3. Facebook Admin / Media Relations / Various
    Facebook / Twitter Admin / Broadcast Tech
  • 4. Immaculata University Comm/PR Office
    Recap ofObjectives:
    Organize and compile extensive photo archive
    Take photos at various campus locations
    Proof read various material
    Research information and compile contact lists
    Create new releases and other assorted writing assignments.
  • 5. Immaculata Projects
    Duffys Cut Fundraiser
    Mighty Macs Black Tie Gala
  • 6. Tango Traffic Projects
    Facebook Admin.
    Twitter Admin.
  • 7. Agenda Setting Theory
    Determined to be newsworthy by media sources
    Influences the public on what to Think About
    Allows for targeted publicity
  • 8. Social Judgment Theory
    Latitude of Acceptance
    Anchor Assimilation
    Latitude of Rejection
  • 9. Politeness Theory & CMC
    Positive Face
    Desire to be valued
    Negative Face
    Desire to be free from constraint or intrusion
    Face Threatening Acts
    Computer Mediated Communication ~ Cues-filtered-out perspective / Media Richness Hierarchy
  • 10. Progress
    Two successful events
    Pertinent Social Media Posts
    Social Media Synergy Position Proposal
    More on the horizon
  • 11. Interpersonal Interaction
    Duffys Cut Event
    The Mighty macs ~ Black Tie Gala
  • 12. Live Facebook Updates
    Ben and Chrystal Trophies
    NBA Store Replica Basketball
  • 13. Live Facebook Updates
    Coach Cathy Rush Sr. Pat Fadden
    Overview of Franklin Atrium
  • 14. After Immaculata
    Plans for My Career and Life
  • 15. Career Opportunities
    Corrigan Manning
    B2B Sales
    YMCA of the Brandywine Valley -
    Internet Communications Coordinator