college project- how to increase the popularity of bubble wrap in ireland?

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Fashion & Art Appreciation of Bubble Wrap (F.A.A.B.) 22 CENTURY BUBBLEWRAP Jean Camargo, Chelsea McAnulty Charlotte McAnulty, Cian Newell. College of Tourism and Arts BB Events and PR, Year 2 John Carty ND

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Fashion & Art Appreciation of Bubble Wrap (F.A.A.B.)22 CENTURY BUBBLEWRAPJean Camargo, Chelsea McAnultyCharlotte McAnulty, Cian Newell.

College of Tourism and ArtsBB Events and PR, Year 2 John Carty

ND Introduce yourself & group.State why we are here & what we are going to present:(F.A.A.B.) Fashion & Art Appreciation of Bubble WrapOur plan is to build a positive image of Bubble Wrap in Ireland so sales can be improved.1

Invented in New Jersey, 1957. - Alfred Fielding and Mark Chavannes - Wallpaper - Insulator - Packaging toolBranded as Bubble Wrap in 1961.

Packaging material.HISTORY

Alfred Fielding and Mark Chavannes founders of The Sealed Air Corporation in 1960.Innovative 3D wallpaper, - did not succeeded. . Greenhouse insulator, did not succeeded. Branded as bubble wrap in 1961, - protective packaging tool. First customer IBM (innovative computer system) protect computer called IBM 1401 while being shipped.



Why So Popular?

- Protects Goods - Transported. - Stored( $4 Billion Annually Sales By Sealed Air) 10% Being Bubble Wrap Alone.($ 400 Million Aprox.) - Pop Sound.Stress Reliefs

Why are bubble wrap so famous? They protect goods while being transported or stored from being scratched or being damaged, by receiving direct impacts.For this reason companies all over the world buys it to transport their goods. In result to this it is estimated that 4 billions dollars are sold by sealed air corporation annually 10 % of the sales being bubble wrap sales alone.3


Target Market - Students - Fashion - Art - Business

- ArtExhibitors - FashionDesigners

Why ?

This event is focused on students (mainly students studding Fashion, Art & Business)The reason why we picked this target marked in specific is because these people will be our future buyers.In a short future all these students will be graduating and opening their own business. The reason why we are targeting Art Exhibitors and Fashion Designers would be to inspire them with the new product we promoting.


Proposed Event

(F.A.A.B.)Fashion & Art Appreciation of Bubble Wrap New Products:


So what can we do to bring a positive image to Ireland About Bubble Wrap? And also improve our sales by siring awareness in Ireland?

We decided to organise a Fashion Show to launch our new ideas of products in Ireland. This would bring awareness of new products that could possibly become well known increasing a lot the number of sales.This would raise the awareness of bubble wrap in Ireland allowing people to interact with our products in their daily routines.


Fashion & Art Appreciation of Bubble Wrap

Date:30th April 2015Time:16:00 20:00Room: Red SquareRoom to be set up like this As not many students would have the time or money to travel to the event we are bringing the event to the students in GMITWe plan to host the event on 30th April 2015.From 4pm 8pmWe believe that GMIT would be the perfect venue for this event as it has every facility required for it.parkingtarget marketeasily access6

Communications Plan

Communicating with Target Market

- Email (Student Union)- FaceBook (Student Union)- Posters/Fliers- Twitter- Radio (GMIT, Local)

communications is one of the most important part of the event planning. Due to this reason it has to be done well. Communicating with the right people is necessary.90 % of the event planning is communicating whether it be replying to e-mails or having meetings or ordering products & servers.

With the help of the Student Union we will be sending out emails to our specific target market within the college.They will also help us promote trough their facebook and twitter page as our target market can be easily be contacted by them.

Posters and fliers will be put up in the campus and shops near by to do with fashion, clothes, and marketing.

The event will also be promoted on the local radio station and also the GMIT radio.


Methods of Information

Website- facilities- information- description of event- how to get to venue- accommodation- etc.

A website will be set up where users can easily access all the information about the event and facilities.Including parking, transport, accommodation etc.This website will also be providing a map of the venue, Information about the event including description, programme ( which would also have been sent by email )Etc.8

F.A.A.B.STARTDURATIONPERIODSOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMeetings17Book Venue13Contact Valunteers43Contact Suppliers32Send Order To Suppliers42Catering52Promotion44CompletedNot CompletedTime Line (Gantt Chart)

Marketing Budget PlanCategoryEstimatedQuantity EstimatedCost per Unit EstimatedSubtotal NotesEquipment/ ServiceStage1 800.00 800.00 www.stagelighting.ieAudio/Visual1 5,000.00 5,000.00 www.stagelighting.ieVenue1 1,000.00 1,000.00 www.gmit.ieSecurity5 80.00 400.00 www.deltasecurity.ieDrinks100 2.00 200.00 www.cocacola.comFood (Chips)250 2.50 625.00 www.gmit.iePromotionWeb1 200.00 200.00 GMIT Students (cheapest)Radio2 150.00 300.00 www.iradio.ieFliers/posters200 0.09 18.00 StaffValunteers30 - - Research Costs Total 8,225.00


Why would our event work?

How will this influence on the company's 60th anniversary?

Would this increase it popularity in Ireland?

We are bringing the event to its target market and not people to the event, this always result in a higher amount of attendees.

New styles of clothes are invented every season.. If this is successful, it can be a new era for the sealed air corporation. This could double their sales and increase their production massively. For this reason it would be the main reason to be remembered due to it great success.

Yes I believe that with this idea, whether it is successful or not it can have a great positive impact on the population. It would make the population aware of the different functions of bubble wrap, possibly increasing its sales in Ireland.11


Target Market Future Clients

New Business More Sales.

Jean Camargo, Chelsea McAnulty, Charlotte McAnulty, Cian Newell.

By choosing this target market we are making our soon business people aware of our products,