why is bubble wrap a good insulator? bubble wrap insulation manufacturers in india

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  • Why Is Bubble Wrap a Good Insulator?

  • Bubble wrap makes great insulation because air is a good insulator, and bubble wrap is nothing more than

    bubbles of air wrapped in plastic; bubble wrap is cheaper and easier to use than other, traditional

    alternatives; and it can be reused many times.

    Why Is Bubble Wrap a Good Insulator?

  • Bubble Wrap

  • Definition

    Insulation is any substance that protects one space or material from the temperature variations of an

    adjacent space or material. Any substance can act as an insulator, though some are much better insulators than others. The ability of a substance to act as an effective

    insulator depends on how it resists temperature changes and how quickly it can dissipate heat.

  • Air and Bubble Wrap

    Air, particularly air in a confined space, is a good insulator because the air inside the space

    tends to resist temperature changes. The air inside changes temperature slowly because the

    air molecules move around, making transfers of energy (heat) between one molecule and

    another more difficult to accomplish

  • Bubble wrap is nothing more than plastic wrappedaround many individual volumes of air; thus, the airinside helps bubble wrap to resist temperaturechanges. Bubble wrap shares this feature withcavity wall insulation "by combining with the stillcaptive air, the insulation acts as a barrier to heatloss" according to The Environment Site.

  • Application

    Bubble wrap can be attached to windows simply by spraying water on the window first and then spreading

    the smooth side of the bubble wrap over the wet surface. To apply a double layer of bubble wrap, tape can

    be used to attach the second layer to the first.

  • Reuse

    One of the greatest things about using bubble wrapas an insulation material is that it can be used againand again, so long as it remains in relatively goodshape. If you can keep children (or yourself) frompopping all the bubbles, then the bubble wrapshould be usable for many, many seasons. However,

  • Disadvantages

    Bubble wrap is not clear, so when it is used to insulate windows that window can no longer

    see out of. It would only last a year or two if it were kept in a window year-round.

    Additionally, bubble wrap is not a great insulator in extremes temperatures

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