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Collaboration, Conversion, Coercion & Confusion. Beccy Earnshaw SCHOOLS NorthEast. The future of our region is in schools. Unique – no other region has a network Established 2007 Board 28 Head Teachers all sectors & phases Patron Lord Puttnam Small team - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Beccy EarnshawSCHOOLS NorthEastThe future of our region is in schools

    Collaboration, Conversion, Coercion & Confusion

  • Background

    Unique no other region has a networkEstablished 2007Board 28 Head Teachers all sectors & phasesPatron Lord PuttnamSmall teamLink schools to regions economic & social developmentCommon purpose and collaborationInclusive and independent

  • What we do

    Provide strategic voice + influenceFocus on specific regional issuesCreate channel to facilitate innovation, large scale projects and additional fundingFacilitate sharing intelligence & experiencesConnect you to each other and external organisations for mutual support

  • Your network: driven by your needs and interests

  • The changing educational landscape: drivers International comparators - OECDAutonomy and accountabilityCompetition/collaborationRaise standards .. rigourImprove teacher qualityReduce bureaucracyBehaviour and attendanceImprove social mobilityMore local/less local?? Increase efficiency QUANGO cull

  • Confusion

  • Can we do nothing? Question 1

  • Which way should we go?Question 2

  • Depends on where you want to beAnswer

  • How do we do more with less?Consider

  • How do we accelerate improvements in our schools?Consider

  • How do we protect and develop what we value?Consider

  • How do we become the drivers not the driven?Consider

  • How do we make the most of our assets and expertise?Consider

  • How do we meet the needs of our students now and in the future?Consider

  • Conversion

  • Academiesthe only show in town

    What is an academy?Old style (sponsored)Converter New sponsored

    = Got piles of cash! = Performing well 1513 schools nationally= Going with sponsor Chain/high performing school

  • Academies

    How do they differ from LA schoolsAre run by a Charitable (Academy) TrustHave control over land and assets and is also an admissions authorityOutside of LA, funded directly by DfEDo not have to abide by the School Teachers Pay + conditionsFreedom on curriculumControl over budget (suppliers etc.)Change terms & school daysMoney previously spent by LA into school (LASCEG)

  • Academies

    What stays the same..Bound by the Schools Admission Code and the same exclusions guidanceAre all ability (unless they are not!)Are inspected by OfstedMust offer a broad and balanced curriculum (Academies without a religious character will teach the locally agreed syllabus for RE)Must follow the special educational needs (SEN) Code of Practice

  • All schools can become Academies. Some schools must become Academies.Schools that are performing wellCan convert to Academy statusSchools that are not performing well but are above the floorCan convert in a chain with a strong schoolSchools that are below the floorCan convert in a Multi-Academy Trust (chain) with a strong schoolContinue to be tackled through Sponsored approachWorst performing schoolsperforming well is determined by: Ofsted rating; exam results; comparison to similar schoolsSchools are below the floor if both exam results and pupil progression is below a certain level.

  • Converting to an academy

    is like leaving home, you have more freedom but you also have to look after yourself Legal costsBuilding maintenance School improvementStaff costs

    LA does retain some funding for services that it has to continue to provide incl: Some SEN related provision, PRUs, prosecution of parents for non attendance

  • Why convert?

    MoneyCurriculum StaffingAutonomyClosure threatSupport another schoolWhy notGet support

  • Coercion

  • Michael Gove todayWe are accelerating the academies programme as fast as we can - taking chronically under-performing schools out of the hands of the bureaucracies which have failed them, either removing their leadership or providing their leaders with new support, and placing the schools in the hands of those with a track record of educational success.

  • Forced academiesA primary school will be below the floor if fewer than 60% of pupils achieve the basics standard of level 4 in both English and maths and fewer pupils than average make the expected levels of progress between Key Stage 1 (KS1) and KS2.

    Schools in Ofsted Categories .. 2x Satisfactory from Septemberwe will seek sponsors for every primary school in the country which is in Special Measures or the Ofsted category Notice to Improve

    The DfE says there are around 1,400 primary schools below the primary floor standard, based on the 2010 results.

    Continual process

  • What we know:Civil Servants given this task as a priority in Spring 2011200 primary schools below all three criteria for floor standards (as they stand today) for five years or more forced to seek sponsored academy status220 of most chronic under-performing primary schools have agreements in place to become sponsored academies Further list of schools below all three floor target criteria for two or three out of the last four years in targeted areas

  • What we know: optionsOppose enemies of promise and happy with failure Your choice? Two options for forced academies:Successful local school (in Jan only 18 of the 1194 converter academies are sponsoring other academies)Academy chain/sponsor "urgent priority" to identify new sponsors for these schoolsDepartment aim for a local solutionOpposition to national chains - some schools in the region have already chosen national chain route. There are local chains of schools emerging. DfE has vetoMore choices for next tier schools- may be able to plead mitigationDfE will have a watching brief and encourage partnerships

  • IssuesNo set formula be creative!Shortage of sponsors new fund announcedSuccessful schools not stepping forward to sponsorChains dont travel well and there is a limit to their effectiveness in expansion

  • The Squeezed Middle

  • The squeezed middleDiminishing servicesPaying more for lessWheres your support coming from?

  • Collaboration

  • The era of the stand alone primary school is coming to an end' Russell Hobby NAHT

  • Horses for coursesAutonomy versus ability to actMinimal disruption v transformationAll together v as and whenChoice v fear

  • Loose to tight spectrum

  • Models in actionLocal clustersCollaborative trustsMulti Academy TrustsFederations hard/softChainsChallenge partnershipsSchool companies

  • Areas for collaborationsCorporate GovernanceSchool Improvement support + challenge/identification/brokerage/match makingQuality assurance peer reviewShared support services/joint purchasing Curriculum developmentStaff development coaching/peer 2 peer/communities of practice/hot housingLeadership development

  • Deployment of staffSharing expertise/resourcesIdentify common development areasDevelop evidence base

    Joint projects + initiatives (bids)Specialist servicesExternal relations business etc.Whatever else the members want/need

    Areas for collaborations

  • Message

  • *********************Initially only schools rated Outstanding by Ofsted could apply to convert.

    Now all schools can potentially become Academies. However, only schools that are performing well can become stand alone Academies.

    Other schools can become Academies but only in suitable chain arrangements with high performing schools. Underperforming schools can only convert in strong chains (usually Multi-Academy Trust) so there is greater control over the school.

    Schools are determined as being below the floor (underperforming) where their pupil progression is below average, and their exam results are below a certain level. The floor is being raised over the next few years.

    As well as schools converting, the Government will continue to challenge schools that are struggling the most. So as before the programme of replacing the worst performing schools with academies managed by a sponsor will continue.



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